Continue Reading Twenty Eleven WP 3.2 [How to change VIDEO]

Continue Reading of Twenty Eleven Theme

The continue reading wording of wp 3.2 default theme, which is Twenty Eleven (2011) theme can be found everywhere on the home page, when you don’t set your site as a static website.

In blogging platform, whenever you create a new post or updating your site, the newest articles will appear in the front page, but only when you click the “more” icon or adding <!–more–> in HTML code. (See more about this in, “post summary wordpress” post).

When you don’t add the more thing, it won’t show the “continue reading” wording, no matter which theme you are using.

Twenty Eleven is a nice theme, with some nice layout appearance and I am sure you will love to use it. Although some of use probably do not like some parts of it, but no theme is perfect, especially when it is free and not premium. (related: Why premium themes?).

One of the parts that I would like to change is the continue reading text, as I would also like to “personalize” this theme which is obviously used by a lots of wordpress users, since is a default theme.

Continue Reading in Twenty Eleven child theme

This tutorial will still using a child theme, because we will be easily controlling our changes and modifications. (related: Twenty Eleven Child theme tutorial)

So when you find this post and have not seen how I did create the child theme, the video might be confusing.

Therefore, I would recommend checking my video post, which is, creating twenty eleven child theme, because this post is actually related a lot to that entry.

The method is similar to the post which is titled, Twenty Eleven Logo, which copied header.php into our child theme folder.

The difference with this tutorial, continue reading wordpress on the home page, is not in header.php file, but in another php file, we will see about it in the steps later on.

How to change continue reading text in Twenty Eleven theme video

Because I have so much questions with the tools I am using in YouTube, so I might put firebug addon in my widget in the sidebar.

This tool is used alot if we want to edit some wordpress files, or any HTML files if you want to learn the code.


continue reading

From "Continue reading" to "Keep on reading"



1. This post is the part of this Twenty Eleven child theme post.

2. Copy content.php from original Twenty Eleven theme into our child theme folder, which is called, MyTwentyEleven

3. Find this code:

<?php the_content( __( 'Continue reading <span>&rarr;</span>', 'twentyeleven' ) ); ?>
<?php wp_link_pages( array( 'before' => '<div><span>' . __( 'Pages:', 'twentyeleven' ) . '</span>', 'after' => '</div>' ) ); ?>
</div><!-- .entry-content -->
<?php endif; ?>

4. Change the Continue reading into something else, mine would be, Keep on reading, so the code above will be like this:

<?php the_content( __( 'Keep on reading <span>&rarr;</span>', 'twentyeleven' ) ); ?>
<?php wp_link_pages( array( 'before' => '<div><span>' . __( 'Pages:', 'twentyeleven' ) . '</span>', 'after' => '</div>' ) ); ?>
</div><!-- .entry-content -->
<?php endif; ?>

5. Save file.

Refresh the blog, or if it is necessary, clean the cache to see the changes.

I hope this short tutorial how to change continue reading wording and text in Twenty Eleven will help a bit.

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