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Why we should have a contact page in WordPress blog

When we start a blog, a few things we want to create is definitely post. And some of us, including myself, immediately change our themes, installing new plugins, once we installed wordpress.

Those are very usual and normal, and that I would do too if I want to install blogs. (Related post: multiple blogs in one server).

I also have wrote and posted a video tutorial, what I would do after installing wordpress here.

In that video, I actually suggest everyone to change the “About” page’s content with your bio or anything you would like to write to tell your readers who you are.

After creating “About” page, I usually also create the “Contact Page”.

I really love this contact page in wordpress, because it is really interesting, and this page can connect you with anyone who wants to reach us, as the blog owner or webmasters.

Creating Contact page in wordpress is very easy

I remember when I created some HTML static websites, there were a few possibilities to create a contact page.

You can either write your email address on that page, so when your visitors want to contact you, they just copy and paste the email address.

Or if you have the mailto in HTML coding language, the readers will only click that link and it will immediately open their email software or application.

The other possibility is creating a php file and then look for some free simple HTML code that some websites provide, in order to have a dynamic contact page in your website.

But with wordpress, it is absolutely and amazingly very easy with the available plugins you can choose, download and then install.

In my “fast secure contact form” review article, my favorite plugins that I like and I have personally tried myself are Fast secure contact form plugin and Contact Form 7.

In this post, I will show you how to create a contact page in wordpress using Fast Secure Contact Form.

How to create a contact page in WordPress with Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin

This video will show you how to create a contact page in wordpress blog.

The steps:

1. As usual, when you want to install plugins inside your dashboard, you will want to go to “Plugins” and then “Add New” tab.

2. Type in Fast Secure Contact Form, and hit enter or click “Search” button.

3. It is created by Mike Challis, and it should be the first of the list.

Click “Install”, and once it is installed, click “Activate”.

4. After it is activated, it will show many options that you can adjust to your preference. But these are the important settings that I would pay attention:

– The wording before the contact form.

contact page in wordpress

The wording before the form.

– The email address where the message will be sent.

wordpress contact page

Check your email address.

– The CAPTCHA, make sure that this option is ticked on.

create contact page

Captcha must be enabled.

– Turn off Akismet filter. I have tried to turn Akismet on, and I noticed some people wanted to sent their emails, but could not be sent to me, as their email addresses are flagged as spams by Akismet.

how to create contact page

Turn Off Akismet.

5. Once you update the options that you have modified in step 4 above, always click “Update Options button”.

6. Then next step is to create a contact page, by clicking “Pages” tab and then “Add New”.

7. Copy and paste the form shortcode, in the demo, I use form 1, so the shortcode is:

[si-contact-form form='1']

Paste the above shortcode in contact page’s content area, be it with “Visual” Or “HTML” tab, it will show the form.

That’s it, I would leave other options, unless you know what you are doing, and I think, creating a contact page in wordpress blogs are important, and I would do immediately after installing wordpress.

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