Create A Note on Facebook Page Tutorial

Create A Note on Facebook Page seems very easy

Recently, testing wordpress 3.3 beta version has very similar situations like in the new Facebook which was renewed on its layout last September.

Many features which used to work in the older layout which now is different and to non-savvy users including myself, the whole thing can be very confusing and even frustating.

On my latest post about FB, which is viewing Facebook profile as someone else, is very different than the older layout, that some of the commenters of this post don’t seem to find that small button.

I honestly think, some layout updates of many networking sites or wordpress for instance, just make things probably look better but some of the new features make everyone confused.

Yes, to create a note on Facebook page does seem or sound very easy but…it is not!

Create a Note on Facebook Page vs Profile

On Facebook (or FB) creating a note is very very easy, because the application’s link is already there.

You only need to log in to your account, and look at your left sidebar of your account page, and you will definitely see “note”.

But this will not happen if you have a new page, and especially if you are not too “familiar” with FB, create a note on Facebook page would need a while to figure it out.

How to create a note on Facebook Page

Based on my own problem how to create a note on Facebook page, here are the steps that I have done, and it thankfully worked..

1.Be sure you are logged in, and you are on your “page”.

create a note on facebook page
There is no "Note" app

In the left sidebar, you will see, more and less, these icons and links, notice, there isn’t any “notes”.

2. Next, you will need to look to find “Edit Page” button which is placed on the top right of your page. (see following screenshot).

note on facebook page
"Edit Page" button

3. Once you clicked the “Edit Page” button, you will see some options, like basic information, etc, more and less like this picture;

write a note facebook
Edit setting of Notes app

Find “Apps” link, and click it, then you will see; “Photos”, “Videos”, “Links”, Events” and “Notes”.

Under the “Notes”, there are two links, “Go to app” and “Edit settings”. Click “Edit Settings” link.

4. After you clicked “Edit Settings” links, you will see “Edit Note Settings” dialog box, as shown as the picture below;

note facebook page
Click "Add" then "Okay" button

Click “(Add)” button, then “Okay” button, this will add notes tab on your page.

5. Once the “Okay” button is clicked, you can go back to your page, or for a shortcut, click “View Page” on the top right.

6. Now you should see “notes” to write a note on your pages, click it and write anything you like :)

note fb page
Now the "Notes" link is there

I hope this simple steps will help if you want create a note on Facebook page of yours, have fun!

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  1. says

    Hey, my question here is, are there notes really relevant?

    I always avoided doing that and always tried to revert people to my original blog article not to a note.

    You do things differently, why?