Create ad blocks wordpress sidebar [125×125 widget]

Having 4 ad blocks wordpress sidebar in 125×125 dimension size.

In this blog sidebar, i have and two column ads ( i know they are a lot ;) ) because they have many dimension and sizes. (read another post how to put adsense in wordpress sidebar).

But if you want to have 6 or 4 ad blocks wordpress advertisements, and all of those adverts have 125×125 sizes, then you might want to have them 2 columns.

Benefit of using wp125 plugin to create ad blocks wordpress sidebar.

Personally i do not use plugins for this blog to have those ad blocks wordpress in my sidebar, because i don’t really pay attentions on how many times those ads clicked, etc.

Using wp125 plugin is very handy, because you can track if visitor clicks your site.

Also it is very recommended that whenever you have ad links, you should put them on nofollow attribute. With wp125 your ad links are automatically going to have nofollow attribute. I have checked this.

Ad blocks wordpress in sidebar — how to use wp125 video tutorial and steps:

Creating ad blocks wordpress video:


1. Install wp125, see how to install wordpress plugin, basic video tutorial, and type “wp125″.

2. After you install and activate the plugin, you should see the plugin’s setting right in the bottom of your wordpress admin’s page.

ad blocks wordpress

After you install and activate the plugin.

3. Click on “Settings” to configure the general settings, like:

create ad blocks wordpress sidebar

General ads settings.

Ad Orientation; if you want the ads to be displayed as one column or two columns.

Number of Ad slots: you can choose until 6 slots.

Ad order: Normal or random. I personally choose normal, i have tested it with random setting, and i noticed one ad was shown in two slots, so i guess it is not effective.

Widget Title: By default it says, “ads”, you can change anything you like here.

Ad Sales Page: This page is actually when you have an “Advertise here” page, you can copy the URL address and paste it in this box. If not, you can leave it by default or put your contact page URL address.

Default Style, Expiration email, pre-expiration email, default ad, i leave all settings by default.

Click “Save Changes”.

4. Now, we can add some ads. We have to click “Manage” → “Add New” or direct clicking “Add/Edit” button.

5. The step 4 will bring you to the same page which is “Add/Edit” ads page.

125x125 ad blocks wordpress

The Add/Edit page.

Here you should see:

Name: It is how you name your ads, it will be the title in the page source code, it means when people hover on the image, this name will be displayed. I put “HostGator” in the demo, means when people hover on HostGator’s banner image, they will see HostGator text.

Slot number. It will be the hierarchies of your ads, #1,#2#3..etc.

Target URL: where your affiliate link URL is.

Expiration: i choose “I’ll remove it manually”, you can however choose the expiration days if you want.

Click tracking: tick or untick to enable and disable.

Ad image. The important part, otherwise your image won’t show. Watch the video, you should copy all the code between the img src code.

Example: <img src=”copy all the URL address from here”>

Click “Save Ad” button, and do the next settings for another advertisements.

6. After you’re done with the step 5, now when you refresh your site, you won’t see any ads displayed.

To display them, you need to go to Appearance and widget. (Related post, how to use widgets in wordpress 3) and then find “WP125″ widget.

ad blocks wordpress

WP125 widget.

Drag and drop it in your sidebar, anywhere you like.

That was my create ad blocks wordpress video tutorial and steps.

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