Create Sticky Post In WordPress 3.0

How to put a post or more to stay in wordpress “home” or front page. It is called sticky posts.

Sticky post in wordpress is very useful, especially if you want to display specific post to always stay in the top above all your other posts.

I have checked in Twenty Ten theme, sticky posts have specific style, so it is easier to spot if people visit your blog, and you have a special post that you want your readers to always see them.

Specific style applies for sticky posts in Twenty Ten (see image below);

Sticky and Non-sticky difference.

Here is how we create sticky posts with wordpress 3.0.1 theme Twenty Ten tutorial.

1. Create your post, if you use AIO, here is a post how to optimize your post title with All in Seo plugin.
2. In the right side of your screen you will see “publish” box.

"Publish" wordpress box.

3. In the visibility:public line, you will see “Edit” link button, click it.

4. Once you click that button, it will show you three options, public, password protected and private. Below the public option, tick “Stick the post to the front page.

Sticky Post Option in WordPress 3+

5. Click publish and you are done. If you are editing it, then just click “update”.

If you are using other themes, and not Twenty Ten, it differs from one to another. Sometimes they are not stylized by the theme creator, sometimes they are. So it really depends on your theme CSS file.

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  1. andrew says

    Hey Kimi,

    How are you doing? What is your recommendation for an Adsense plugin to use for Twenty ten theme?. How about a video tutorial on adsense? Thanks in advance.

    • says

      @andrew, i am doing fine, just a little busy, son’s first day going to school. Thank you for asking.

      I personally have never used any plugins for adsense, i am the type who avoids using plugins if it is possible. So i can’t recommend any plugins, please do some google researches for more infos.

      If you want to add google adsense without plugin, the easiest is pasting the code into “text” widget and drag it to your sidebar.

      I will create video posts how to add adsense like thumbnail too anytime soon if i have time.

      Thanks for coming by and great input for this blog.

  2. Lisa says

    Thank you for this post. Although when I click on Edit beside Visibility, WP does not it will show me three options, public, password protected and private. It just kind of jumped lower to the Categories box.



    • says

      Hey Lisa,

      You might want to disable plugins to see if they may cause it. Because “sticky post” option has to be there just like every wordpress blog has.

      • Lisa says

        Thanks again Kimi.

        I have to talk to the other guy who works this blog (it is a church website) but I am wondering if I do not have privileges to change to public private and password protected visibility options. He is the admin. Although I can edit and create posts and pages and access the Dashboard maybe my privileges are lesser than his. Because he did make that post a Sticky,

        I do not know if plugins are disabled or not. But I do not see a plugins box on the Dashboard.

        Obviously,, I have LOTS to learn.


    • says

      Hi subebeck,

      Terima kasih :-)

      Great to meet another Thesis user, that’s great to hear if you learn twenty ten child theme, i don’T have time for this lately LOL.

      Selamat tahun baru ya!


  3. says

    hey, thanks for that simple explanation. I was wondering what a sticky post was… useful for like an intro post or something similiar.

    Cheers for this.
    Dereck :)