Creating Gradients .grd With Photoshop

How to create your own custom gradient or .grd file with photoshop. (this tutorial is using photoshop CS5).

Creating your own gradient is very useful because once you need a gradient for your work, it can speed up the process if you already have several gradient options.

There are free gradients to download, but it is more fun to create once yourself.

Here are the steps to create gradients in Photoshop.

1. Create a new document, reset your color.

The red highlighted area is where you click to reset color.

2. Click brush tool or shortcut key, G, , this will display either you want to select Paint Bucket Tool or Gradient tool,  select gradient tool.

Click brush tool, then gradient tool.

3. In the top left of your screen you see gradient color option as in the image below, click that button, and a gradient editor will appear.

Gradient options.

4. Modify the gradient color to get cool result.

Modify the color.

5. Once all colors are set, name the gradient, and hit “saves” button.

Name and save custom gradient.

So you just created your own gradient .grd file.

Video Tutorial:

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