Dash Domain – Using a domain with or without dash?

Dash Domain (or Hyphen domains)

Talking about domain names and SEO is an interesting topic, that mostly newbies, including myself would never ever thought about the importance of a domain name and your website’s traffic.

From choosing .com domain as the best extension over the .net, .org, and .info, etc etc, the dash or using hyphens in a domain name of your future blog or website is also interesting. (related: reserve a domain name without hosting)

There are also no doubt so many different opinions about the real fact about it, and in this post, I just want to share my experience of owning a dash domain name, and non-dashed domain name with the same method of Search Engine Optimization, same theme, same plugins, and same amount of backlinks.

Why are we actually concerned about dash domain name and SEO stuff? It is actually obvious, by having a “not too good” domain name can result loosing a lots of search engine traffic, like Google traffic.

In my previous post, choosing .com extension if you can, I really noticed that my other .com extension which is about 1/2 year old in age can rank the same as this blog, which is an .org, and has almost two years age.

I wish I could turn back the time, but it won’t work that way, so I am now too running other blogs that I hope it will be as success as this blog.

It is somewhat terrible feeling if you have worked hard with posting some of your own articles in your website, and because of domains, you loose some visitors. (Related: How to get 1000 visitors a day).

Advantage of Dash domain and non-dash domains?

The most problem of having a dash domain is that your readers can probably misstype your hypened domain name if they actually don’t or haven’t bookmarked your site.

For instance your site will have a name as wordpresshow-tosvideo.com, when someone visited your site for the first time, and they really like it and want to visit it again, but forgot to bookmarked it, they will actually find some difficulties on what to type in their browsers for such long domain name, and not sure where the hyphen (or dash) should be.

dash domain

Those are the simple disadvantages, and about the advantages, the dash domain names are easier to register, because most people have chosen non-dash domains.

The more ability to have those domains are beneficial.

My opinion about dash domain names

This is based on my experience after a few months having a dash domain and non-dash domain names blog with the exact same plugins and SEO promotion.

To me, the dash domain is more difficult to rank than the non-dash ones.

In my post, pagerank mystery post, I have mentioned that I have a few months blog with affiliate two keywords in it, and after I have installed wordpress in this site, I did never touch it.

Surprisingly, this site ranks in the first page of Google for its keyword, and have PR3, better than this blog’s pagerank, and I have never checked the dashboard, haven’t actually update the site too.

And the other one, with the hyphen, I had it older than this PR3 affiliate site, however it does not rank very well, even I built some backlinks in the past.

Yes, you will find so many resources about this matter, but you have also to remember, Google has changed their algos lately..

Share your opinions, if you have ever had the experience about dash domain names!

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