Database error : MySQL server has gone away – Broken Link Checker Plugin

Broken Link Checker Plugin Runs Very Slow in VPS Hosting

I do really like Broken Link Checker Plugin, as it does help to detect any broken html links, or images and any links which are basically are attached in this blog and my other blogs.

Before I moved to a VPS hosting, activating and performing this plugin inside my dashboard was flawless, I did not find any problems or issues.

However, since I am in VPS hosting, I hardly can run this plugin, and I don’t know why. I have tried in my other blogs which are still hosted in shared hosting, and they run very well.

Because I really want to clean all of broken links in this blog, I always try it almost every day, and still getting the same result, but I still do it anyways, even if it runs very slow.

Other than that, I also have an issue with the blog’s database, too often after performing this useful plugin, I got this message: Database error : MySQL server has gone away

Database error : MySQL server has gone away

I had a problem running this plugin


I am not sure what can be the cause, but the only solution I can do right now, is trying to run the plugin almost everyday, deactivate it, activate it and it slowly works.

I just thought to move again my blog to my old shared hosting, but due to one plugin, I will not do it. (at least this is what I am thinking right now).

After a few days trying everyday, finally I am now able to run this plugin perfectly in my blog.

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