Delay Blog Post to Publish in a Specific Date

Delay blog post in WordPress

WordPress has so many features, although this is like when you schedule your post, but you can do it by editing the date, and time for the coming days, month or even year.

Very helpful and useful for some busy people who are owning and having a wordpress blog, so that they create or write some articles, a few of them while they have time, can be in the weekend or somewhere in the evening, and then they can delay blog post to be published whenever they want.

I think this feature is not only giving busy bloggers benefit, but for some bloggers who have ups and down blogging mood, like myself.

I am sometimes loosing my passion to blog, and sometimes, I can feel like want to sit in front of my computer for twenty hours and write some posts or making some videos.

So this “delay blog post” is actually a benefit for everyone who want to publish their articles in the coming future.

Delay blog post and Search Engine Optimization

When you want to delay blog post, you will have to type the month, if you want, or leave the month as is, and then you can also modify the date, year, and even the time.

This means, if you schedule the post for a future date, this post will not be indexed by Search Engine like Google, or others.

This post also can not be viewed or read by your readers and visitors.

Furthermore, the article cannot be in your RSS feed, as they are not yet published. The only one who can see the article is the writer or admin of the blog, which is you.

Same like another posts, you can preview them from your dashboard, but others can.

In this point, delay blog post will not affecting your blog’s Search Engine Optimizations or the Search Engine Result pages.

By scheduling your post, you can also increased the chance to give your readers always fresh content, eventhough you are away, except when you are sick, because you will never know when you will be sick.

Though, in my personal experience, I have a habit where I create some articles and posts where I save in draft without any timestamp specifications, I just save them in drafts.

So whenever I am sick, and cannot write some posts, I have already a bit “saving” which I can use to update my blog by clicking “publish”.

delay blog post

This way, my blog always has fresh content, which is loved by Google, as the biggest Search Engine in the web world.

How to delay blog post in WordPress?

I actually have posted about schedule posts in wordpress 3 a few weeks ago, and I have also included a screenshot.

To delay blog post in WordPress, you will have to modify the “publish” date in the publish tab in the right sidebar of your wordpress admin.

And I have just checked with wordpress 3.2 beta 2, the method is still the same.

In fact the method how to delay blog post has remained years all the same, as I first used wordpress, was the 2.9 version.

Until today, wordpress 3+ version, you can delay blog post by following this “schedule your post in wordpress” tutorial.

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  1. says

    This is really a great feature wordpress offers. Though I am always hurried to click that publish button even before I finish the post ;-) I need to develop habbit.

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