Dell Inspiron DUO Review |Dell Inspiron DUO iD-4495FNT Laptop with Docking Station (Foggy Night)

Dell Inspiron DUO iD-4495FNT Overview

Dell Inspiron DUO iD-4495FNT Laptop with Docking Station (Foggy Night) is a nice combination of amazing convertible tablet laptop and the keyboard dock in flip design.

I was always in search for a device that I can use to browse internet, working on my emails and my spreadsheets while sitting in my living room. (got it at $499)

With this laptop, I can have the option to use the touch screen or the keyboard to get my work done.

I use this Dell Inspiron DUO iD-4495FNT mostly for powerpoint presentations, editing pdf, ms excel, or word files.

dell inspiron duo
Dell Inspiron DUO

This windows 7 based convertible tablet-laptop is obviously not perfect. It has a quite short battery life, but considering the performance, it is not a big deal.

Overall, this unit is basically a 10.1 inch laptop with an innovative touch screen feature, if you want a device to play games, internet, or emails, I would get Motorola xoom, which is more fun with its apps, but if you need a fully functional laptop, not a toy, then this device is great.

Dell Inspiron DUO iD-4495FNT Specs and features

This Dell Inspiron DUO iD-4495FNT is a laptop, best to do some computing tasks that windows also offer, it is powered by the world’s most widely used Operating System, Windows 7 Home Premium edition.

If android based based devices offer apps marketplace to get your favourite apps, this device will be used like when you are using your PC, using start menu and then control panel, easier to use.

The Dell Inspiron DUO iD-4495FNT notebook is solid built, responsive and has good performance because of its dual-core processor.

This laptop boots up amazingly fast, it works like a charm, just press your power button, and it is usable immediately.

dell inspiron duo
The flip design

It works great with my home desktop programmes such as Microsoft office and photoshop. The speakers are quite nice for a laptop.

I like the microphone and the built-in 1.3 mp webcam, it is great if you want to do video chat on skype and facebook.

The screen quality is excellent, it has high resolution and you can actually see this when you are viewing and looking at it.

When you play high definition videos, you can play them without seeing the black bars on your screen, it is just sharp and crisp.

The Dell Inspiron DUO iD-4495FNT touch feature works well intrepeting what you would like to do. If you do not want to type on your screen, this laptop comes with a comfortable nice keyboard.

This laptop comes with bluetooth and wireless b/g/n connectivity which works smoothly, and it has buttons where you can turn off your wifi or bluetooth, and even to turn them all off.

This unit can be converted to a tablet easily. You can change from typing to touching device within seconds, just make sure you read the manual, and you will find out how.

Dell Inspiron DUO iD-4495FNT Summary

If you are looking for a full functional convertible tablet device and like the portability, then this Dell Inspiron DUO iD-4495FNT is for you.

dell inspiron duo id-4495fnt

Powered by full Windows 7, 1.5 GHz Intel Atom dual-core N550 processor, 320GB HDD, 2GB of RAM, wifi, bluetooth connectivity, Dell Inspiron DUO iD-4495FNT is an option to use a laptop with a touch ability.

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