Dell Inspiron i17R-1713 Review 17.3-Inch Laptop (Diamond Black)

Dell Inspiron i17R-1713 Review

I’ve bought this Dell Inspiron i17R-1713 about three weeks ago, and I am really pleased with it.

I purchased it to replace my older Dell inspiron. (got it at $477)

It is really awesome compared to my previous Dell laptop, I’d certainly recommend it to friends.

The only small downside is the short battery life. I have used it for basic internet browing, streaming Netflix online movies, and could get only 3-4 hours, I wish it would be longer than that.

But this unit’s battery life is still better than my old Inspiron.

dell inspiron i17r-1713
Dell Inspiron i17R-1713

Appearance wise, this Dell Inspiron i17R model is quite thin, and it is a 17 range laptop, which is usually bulky. I personally like the finish, it’s diamond black, the hinge is surprisingly smooth.

Performance wise, it has the new series of Intel new CPU architecture, Sandy Bridge. Actually there are i3, and i5 as well as i7 series, they are determined to have 4 numbers, unlike the 3 digits discontinued processors.

This simply means, any i3 or i5 even i7 CPU series that even have 3 digits numbers is not identified as a Sandy-Bridge processor.

Dell Inspiron i17R-1713 Specs and other features

This Dell Inspiron i17R-1713 is using the Intel core i5-2410m processor (second generation of the new Sandy Bridge processor).

There are actually many of 17 inch laptop which uses the older model of CPU, for instance the intel i5-580m CPU, but I wouldn’t purchase a machine that has a discontinued processor, except if you get huge discount of it.

The second generation of Sandy Bridge processor are noticeably faster, for those which have same GHz, whereas the battery consumption is noticeably much less than their previous models.

The included RAM is 4gb DDR3 (2x 2gb), and it is more than enough. I don’t even need to upgrade the memory of this laptop.

Personally, a laptop’s display is very important feature, and the HD WLED display of this machine is superior to most 17 inches screen, yes, the screen is glossy too, but thankfully it is not as glossy as other laptop’s screen nowadays.

The screen is more readable than other glossy displays, and I must mention the viewing angles are pretty good, either horizontally or vertically.

Videos and pictures look beautifully on this widescreen laptop, with a good vertical resolution.

This diamond black Inspiron i17R comes with 1x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, 1x combo e-SATA+USB2.0 combo, 1x HDMI ports, it’s a big plus to have super fast USB 3.0 ports on this machine.

The laptop’s speakers are ok, but typical laptop’s speakers, to listen your music or watch movies, I recommend headphones.

dell inspiron i17r-1713

Dell Inspiron i17R-1713 Review

I really love this unit 10 number keys, they are slim, handy and easy to type on. The included trackpad is great and it’s large just like the right and left mouse buttons.

This solid keyboard is really nice and the number pad is a bonus, I have had many Dell laptops before, and I’ve never had any issues on their hardwares.

This computer is definitely not perfect for everyone, but if you are searching a 17 inch laptop that has a i7 new Intel Sandy Bridge processor, there’s no way to beat this Dell Inspiron i17R-1713 laptop’s price, I’d buy this laptop again with no hesitation.

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  1. says

    I love this product, though considering the last computer I had was a 12.5″ <1GHz joke my expectations were easy to surpass.
    Processing speed is excellent. It has no problems with multiple intensive programs like Illustrator, Photoshop etc. running at the same time, and I assume it would work as well with games. Surprisingly little bloatware.
    The camera is nice for basic skyping; I have my own, so I don't use it enough to have much of an opinion other than that it's about the same quality as a lower-mid range one at Best Buy. Software for the camera has some fun stuff like frames/avatars that integrate with a plugged-in camera as well.