Dell XPS X14Z-6923SLV Less Than 1 Inch Laptop

Dell XPS X14Z-6923SLV is a 14-inch laptop , less than an Inch thin!

I’ve been searching for a laptop that’s really portable but has a lot of power for my work and entertainment for a long time, and this Dell laptop fits my bill.

One of the main reason why I chose it, was because thisĀ Dell XPS X14Z-6923SLV has 14″ screen, which has been great to be in my backpack, and cramped keyboard isn’t an issue.

The 2.8GHz Intel i7-2640M processor, 8GB of RAM out of the box, and the 750GB 7200RPM HDD can easily handle any computer tasks such as word processing, Photoshop, iTunes, and many other heavy computer program without issues.

I know this isn’t a gamer laptop, but you would be amazed at what you can play on this laptop. but you’d be surprised at what you could play.

I was able to play SC 2 with medium settings and it ran very well.
Dell XPS X14Z-6923SLV 14-Inch Laptop (Elemental Silver)

The keyboard is incredibly well designed. It’s comfortable to type, and the keys spacing is well laid out. Almost similar to my MacBook keyboard, I have to use Windows laptop for some programs that only can be done on Windows.

The battery life last for about 5-6 hours with normal brightness and battery settings and with wifi on.

Dell XPS X14Z-6923SLV Top Design

The design, I like this laptop design. The magnesium alloy around keyboard, and the aluminum base looks, and the most important, feel very nice. As Dell claimed, this laptop doesn’t get warm during standard usage because of the heat. Dell seems to put a lot of nice work on this unit’s design, it just doesn’t copy MacBook Pro design with its keyboard or large touchpad.

The trackpad is very nice, I have never seen a trackpad this nice. (except MBP’s). With some settings in the control panel, you will enjoy the trackpad very much.

Dell XPS X14Z-6923SLV
Dell XPS X14Z-6923SLV

Dell XPS X14Z-6923SLV 14-Inch Laptop (Elemental Silver)

Nothing special with the screen, it’s a 14 inch LED-backlit display, has 1366×768 screen resolution for watching 720p HD videos, and like many other laptops, you need to tweak the setting yourself, especially if you want to get the best of it.

I’m not saying that this 14 inch laptop screen is bad out of the box, I just mean, it’s a great screen, but because I am a videophile, I always do some display calibration to make it like I want.

Like all of Windows laptops, this one also came with many pre-installed software. There are a few that I keep, like Microsoft Starter (includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and Adobe’s Premiere and Photoshop Elements. For programs that you don’t need, fortunately, you can uninstall them and delete them right away.

One thing that I need to mention, this Dell XPS laptop is very beautiful. This Dell XPS X14Z-6923SLV is very useable, and other additional devices, like USB 3.0, JBL speakers, Bluetooth 3.0 shows how this thing performs, it’s awesome.

If you plan getting this laptop, you need to prepare black DVDs, because it doesn’t come with any recovery CD/DVD, I recommend you make your own recovery disks once you start this machine, so you can use the disks if you want to re-install the whole system.

Dell XPS X14Z-6923SLV


I really like the laptop performance. It’s a very sturdy machine, the hinges work well, keyboard and trackpad are placed thoughtfully, it simply performs in each area which made me concerned.

If you are a student, business user, or gamers who look for 14 inch size laptop with no cramped keyboard and still portable, you will love this laptop. With i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, 750GB 7200RPM HDD, this Dell XPS X14Z-6923SLV is highly recommended.

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