Destination folder Access Denied Windows Fix

Destination folder Access Denied – Windows Vista Problem

This might happen to a Windows system user, including myself.

Yesterday, I have actually set up an html file for a website project of mine, and I have created a folder in my desktop that contains some images for that html file.

Then after that folder was created, I wanted to rename it, and then upload to my webhost folder via FTP. (related: upload wordpress using FTP)

I am always doing it with all of my blog posts or when I wanted to upload some files to my cPanel.

However it didn’t work out as usual or as expected, because I could not even rename the folder.

I was notified by a small dialog box saying, “destination folder access denied” as well as “You need permission to perform this action. Try again” and the folder name, as well as the date when it was created, which of course by me.

I was like, “huh” because I am the owner of the computer, there is none else, there is only one administrator which is also me.

Getting little frustated after trying a few times but failed, I decided to delete the folder, trying to get rid of it from my desktop.

I tried to delete, and the result, same message, same failure..

Destination folder Access Denied – Some solutions that I have tried

So surely I have googled around to find some solution on my issue.

All of the solutions which are provided in each website is taking the full control of the file’s ownership.

It can be the right solution for some people with the same problems as mine yesterday, but not in my case :(

I have tried to gain ownership (though I know I am the administrator, but still tried anyways), still couldn’t delete, or do anything with the folder.

In case you want to know how to take an ownership of a folder or file, you can do following: (be sure you don’t use the folder or its content in another opened program)
1. On the folder that you want to delete or move, do right click on it, and select the last option on “Properties”
2. Now, you are on “Property” window, select “Security” tab on the top, and then “Advanced”
3. “Owner” tab then “Edit” button

If you have user control enabled, it will prompt you to continue or cancel. Click “Continue”

1. Now in the “Advance Security Setting for the folder” dialog box, there is a box (almost in the bottom) labeled, “Change owner to:” Select your name
In case you don’t have your name listed here, you can type your name by clicking the “Other users or groups” button, then “Check Names” then “OK” button. If you’re done, make sure you select your own name.
2. Tick the box which says, “Replace owner of subcontainers and objects”
3. “Apply” and “OK”

You will be back on the “Properties” Window, here you can then do:
1. Click “Security” and then “Edit”
2. In “Group or user names” box, you can select your username, and tick “Allow” box for “Full control”
3. “Apply” – “OK” – “OK”

You can then try deleting the folder again.
It might work for your “Destination folder Access Denied” problem, but it didn’t work for me, I am using Vista by the way.

Destination folder Access Denied – What worked for me

To be honest, sometimes, I really don’t understand how a windows system works.

destination folder access denied
The notification message

After trying many “techie” methods above, and didn’t work at all, I then tried a small simple step.

Here is what I have done, and surprisingly worked!

First of all, my folder contains many images. So let’s say, 1.jpg, 2.jpg, etc…

And it was saved on my desktop, so I wanted to delete it, but could not.

So what I have done, was deleting the contents first, so I go inside the folder, select all the jpg files, and move them to trash. It worked!

Then after that, I move the empty folder to the trash, surprisingly also worked, without getting “Destination folder Access Denied” message.

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