Disable Apple Hot News on Mail Mac Lion

Apple Hot News on Mail of your mac – you’ll definitely see this RSS feed if you first time open your Mail application on a Mac computer.

Some people might have different opinion, and thoughts, and I think Apple Hot News mail feed is pretty cool, because you will be able to receive regular updates from Apple.

However, I for one, would prefer to have my Mail application a little bit cleaner, and I don’t really need any RSS feed on a Mail, just like on my Windows Mail.

If I would be having a lot of time to read some RSS feeds, I would definitely love to add some RSS feed URL, as you can use your Mail to be a feed reader in a convenient way, you will not to go to the websites where this feed is created.

If you also want to disable this Apple Hot News on your mail, you can do it very easily.

At first I thought I would have to go to some setting on the system (believe me, if you are new to Lion, you would think it would be a bit complicated!).

How to disable Apple Hot News Mail on Mac

Follow this easy steps to disable Apple Hot News on Mail of a Mac

1. Assuming you are on your Mail window.

apple hotnews mail

Right Click "Delete Feed"

2. Select on the “Apple Hot News” label, right click, and then select, “Delete Feed”.

Now you won’t see this RSS feed on your mail anymore.

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