Disable Comments WordPress 3.1 Tutorial

Disable Comments WordPress — Why some of us want to disable comments box

Inspired from my older post: wordpress change “Home” page, I write this simple “disable comments wordpress” post, which uses WP latest version, version 3.1, 2011.

In that post, actually one of my commenters Lilli, wanted to have a page where she wants to make it look like a static website, non blog wordpress website.

One small glitch, she found, she still found the comment box under the page.

If you want to make a business website or a more professional static look of a wordpress site, you probably do not want this box appear below your page or post content.

This box is actually typical blog layout which lets people giving feedback, review, or questions to the associated content, that’s one of many typical blog features.

Thanks to WP’s flexibility, you can turn on and off this box if you do not want them to appear.

Though the disable comments wordpress method is very simple, some newbie bloggers who learn wordpress are overwhelmed with so many buttons and links in their dashboards, and some functionalities are often unseen.

Disable Comments WordPress 3.1 — The result varies due to the themes

In this disable comments wordpress tutorial post, we are going to use Twenty Ten theme, the default wordpress 3.1 theme.

As written in the heading title above, the result of getting rid of comment box really depends on your theme.

The possibilities, are the box will be gone, and no notifications, or there would be a small notification, like “comments are closed” or similar short message.

This is due to the difference code every themes has. Like in Twenty Ten, you would not see any message or notes.

If it is disabled, it will show blank clean layout. In Thesis theme, you would see, “comments are closed” or similar note, unfortunately, I can’t remember the message exactly.

But what great from Thesis is, you can disable that short message with Thesis options, only ticking whether you want to display or hide that message.

Now, I am only familiar with those two themes, I am not familiar with other free or any other themes.

If you try this disable comments wordpress simple tutorial, and can’t get the expected result, I recommend you contact the theme’s designer, because he is the one who wrote the codes. (related post: Why premium wordpress themes?).

Disable Comments WordPress 3.1 Tutorial

So now, we will get rid of comments box in wordpress, do not be afraid, disable comments wordpress post is very simple step..

I even do not make any disable comments wordpress video tutorials, because its so easy and simple, so I thought it wasn’t worth to make a screencast.

Let’s get this disable comments wordpress tutorial started.

1. I assume you are already logged in to the admin page, and already created the posts or pages, if you haven’t, create one. If you have, just click the post or page, and then “edit”.

2. Now, you should be in the post or page..

3. If you install wordpress 3.1 this option is hidden by default.

You have to go to the page or post, on the top right, find “screen options”, see image,

disable comments wordpress

Screen options

Tick, discussion, or other options which you want to display.

4. Now, scroll your page down, you should see many options below the post or page’s box, such as, excerpt (related post: All in One SEO configuration), send trackbacks, custom fields, Discussion and Author.

Find on “Discussion”.

5. Expand the tab if it is not opened.

6. You will see: Allow comments and Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page options.

7. To disable the comments box wordpress, untick both of them.

disable comments wordpress

Untick the tick boxes under "Discussion"


8. Click update or publish button.

9. Refresh your page.

You will be able to get rid or disable comments wordpress box using Twenty Ten theme by following this simple disable comments wordpress post.

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