Disable or Pause Google Web History

Google web history has been around for a while now, and this feature of big G (Google) has invited a lot of pros and contras.

What is Google web history?

Google Web History is one of Google features that help to improve their functions to give better quality search results by using our web history that we ever typed in Google search box.

There have been big contras such as privacy policy issue, and most people asked, “sharing my web history searches to the world?

To me, it depends on the user itself. There are definitely advantages, and disadvantages.

Google web history advantages and disadvantages?

The disadvantage is clearly it sounds pretty scary to some people, and to me too sometimes. I mean, there are some sites that you want to browse privately, not because they are bad sites or whatever, but then somehow, you will feel like your web history, your browsing activities are being tracked, spied and recorded?

However, apart of being able to disable this features, you will be the only one who can access it, because you have to log in into your account to view these history, of course unless you are hacked by someone..

So basically, you are not forced to enable this feature.

Plus, if we talk about privacy, our ISP provider knows what we are doing online, so it’s not that “NEW”, only at this point, someone can hardly hack it.


First advantage, we can access our web history everywhere, it doesn’t have to be with our laptops.

If you go somewhere, and you don’t bring your laptop, you can access your web history with your phone, or any devices, as long as you can log in into your Google account.

Tips related to Google web history

1. How to disable or Pause Google web history

Go to Google Web History page

And you will see all of your web history, and there is a sentence says, “Web History is on” and “Pause” button next to it. Click that button to pause.

google web history
Google Web History

And to remove all your web history, just click “Remove all web history”.

This will disable this function temporarily until you go to this page again, and click “Resume” button.

3. To remove Google web history function permanently from your account, you can go to this address:


And then tick on the “Yes, I want to permanently remove Web History from my Google account.” button, and click “Remove Web History”, but be careful and consider again before you actually do this!

google web history

Again, Google never forces anyone to use this Google web history feature, so don’t be worried.

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