Discussion Options WordPress 3.1 Disappeared, how to display?

Discussion Options wordpress 3.1 is hidden by default!

I am so thankful that WordPress blogging platform, because it is free, yet very powerful and easy to use or user friendly.

But since WordPress 3.1 is out, I have re-checked, inspired by my previous entry, disable comments wordpress 3.1 tutorial, I am going to complain a bit.

Please ignore me :-)

How surprising something simple like discussion options wordpress is hidden in wordpress 3.1! Why do they do this? What is the benefit?

Honestly, as a non-techie user of wordpress, I would not have any ideas how to display the discussion options wordpress if I don’t find the thread in WordPress.org website.

Is there any benefits to hide that option of our posts and pages box? I doubt it. Yet they display wordpress admin grey bar in the front end..

I think that’s useless bar, afterall, I got my admin bar disabled..

I reckon many many people ask, where do they find screen options? Remember, not all wordpress users do know all the buttons in their dashboard!

Discussion Options WordPress 3.1 — So many options that are gone

Actually I admit, I am a bit slow on recognizing this hidden discussion options wordpress, but I haven’t had any blogs which I installed using wordpress 3.1, so my blogs are using wp 3.1, however it came from upgrading, not fresh install, therefore, I have all options, including discussion options wordpress, saved in database. That’s why I don’t have this issue.

But can you imagine, how a wordpress newbie would do, if they want to disable comments in a static page, and they don’t see this option which I find very useful so far.

Some of my commenters even thought, there was something wrong with their blogs because of this hidden discussion options.

I have heard some cons of people using wordpress is, whenever it updates, there are some cases they failed..so if something goes wrong a bit, they immediately think their blog does not work as usual, they never thought, that it must be an option somewhere.

discussion options wordpress

One of the field, Discussion which is hidden by default.


The downside for people who make tutorials blog like me, WordPress is always (and often) updated, so the older tutorials won’t be so useful in a few months later.

No wonder the older tutorial wordpress website does not update their posts, because it is too often updated.

Actually, I had pretty big confidence to create some wordpress tutorials, but since the newest update, so many things have been changed, though I don’t find all updates are being more useful, I have less moods to post some other tutorials. Though some tutorials, are still valid until the latest wp version, unless someone notifies me, that something does not work anymore, because it is impossible for me, to check one by one of my older tutorials, especially the video tutorials.

Sigh..enough about my discussion options wordpress rambling, don’t listen to me :D

How to display discussion options WordPress 3.1?

If you are using wordpress 3.1 from the upgrade or update process, you would not have this discussion options wordpress issue.

This problem will only be found if you fresh installed wp 3.1.

Actually I have three times updated my post, about disabling comments wordpress 3.1 tutorial, and that post is the answer to this discussion options wordpress question too.

When you follow that simple tutorial, you would never believe how easy it is to find and then display your discussion options wordpress 3-1.

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