Display Image Post In Squared-2 Theme

How to add or display your custom image to be a thumbnail or post image in the front of your wordpress index page if you are using Squared-2 theme.

For some of you who use Squared-2 theme from briskstudios.com, you might encounter a problem to display the thumbnail of the post, because it doesn’t have readme.txt file and you are n00bies of the code ;)

This theme use custom field to display the post image, so you don’t need to add any codes in your functions.php, however we can still tweak it, but not this time.

This tutorial is actually for Rob, one of my commenters.I actually have made similar tutorial adding thumbnails in wordpress using custom field, and also if you are using Twenty Ten, find more in this tutorial.

So here is the steps adding image to Squared-2:

1. Make sure you got wp-cycle plugin activated.

2. Go to your post, upload an image.  Note: The image dimension should be 290×134 px size, because if it doesn’t have this exact size, it will make your blog runs slower.

3. After you upload an image, copy the “Link URL” of the image (see the picture)

Copy the URL link of the uploaded Image.

4. Paste this URL in the “Value” box.

5. Under the “Name” box, type in “image”

6. Click “Add Custom Field” button.

The step 4,5,6

7. Update the post.

Click "Update" button.

The image should be appeared if you did the steps above correctly.

Video Tutorial:

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