Does Facebook Mobile Cost Money

How does facebook mobile cost money?

I honestly very seldom using facebook, thinking about creating a page for this blog anytime soon, but i am not sure when.

I wanted to write this post, because a few days ago, my son has birthday party and my sister in law visited us.

Although she lives about an hour from where i live, we connect via facebook alot.

Today i have received an email on my phone via facebook. Of course there was an options “reply to the text message”.

I was wondering myself “does facebook mobile cost money?”, so i thought i did some quick researches about it.

Does Facebook Mobile cost money while you are receiving or sending messages via Facebook?

No, From Facebook’s side, Facebook mobile cost no money.

The fact is, Facebook let you using their services without paying.

Just like the account it is free to use Facebook services, including Facebook Mobile.


Facebook Mobile Costs money if you send messages from your phone.

How does Facebook mobile cost money when you send message from your phone?

does facebook mobile cost money

Your mobile phone’s provider will charge you for being online and accessing a website or Internet..

Does Facebook mobile cost money? if yes, how much?

I recommend that you digg more informations on the charging and the price with your mobile phone company.

So Does Facebook Mobile cost money? yes, it does.

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