Domain name without hosting – Can I reserve it?

Domain name without hosting — A good idea

Getting a domain name without hosting is a good idea and very possible to get it. I even recommend it that you only get a domain name without paying an extra host.

In my previous entry, how to have multiple blogs in one webserver, I wrote, it is actually boring to have one of blog’s topic, but having more than one blogs needs works unless you do outsourcing.

If you want to increase your blog earning you should have multiple blogs, but based on my experience, they are really time-consuming.

When I first blogged, I did not know that we can actually reserve a domain name without hosting, but since my blogging experience is improved day by day, I sooner knew that it is very possible, since lots of hosting company or domain company offers to get a domain name without hosting package, very handy.

Domain name without hosting – This is how I did it

This blog is hosted in JustHost, and I have only one blog on the same hosting. Since I worked with a client, and she has a blog in HostGator, I then also sign up to HostGator, so I can compare.

Here is my experience..

Actually about the down time, you can read this post, justhost vs hostgator review of down time post, but oddly, since I wrote that post, this blog has never been down again..

But one thing I have noticed, if you want to run multiple blogs in a webserver, you should go to HostGator at least, because in JustHost, everything goes slower, especially if you run autoblogs. (related post: best wordpress autoblog plugin).

I have two blogs on JustHost that I moved to HostGator, because they just slow down this HostGator it is more stable, but what I hate from there, is when you want to access your PhpMyAdmin, you need to enter a JustHost, I don’t need to type password whenever I access phpMyAdmin, therefore, I can access it whenever I want..

Apart of Hostings, I always buy domain name without hosting in seperate websites. So I do not use JustHost or HostGator to buy a domain name.

In some case, the time of the hosting deal ends, and if you want to keep the domain name for future use, you can then transfer to a domain registrations that we will discuss below..

Domain name without hosting – Namecheap vs GoDaddy

Now it comes to where can we get domain name without hosting.

If you ask to some people or forums, they mostly give various answers, but only from two websites, GoDaddy and Namecheap.

I personally vote for Namecheap than GoDaddy, because I can get cheap domain name, which is about$9.00 but I get a domain registrar protection. What is this domain registrar protection? This is actually to hide a domain’s infos. Like who register the domain, so when some nosey people look for the domain information, the registrar will be hidden or cloaked.

Well I don’t like my private data, such as telephone numbers, street where I live, shown in a website. So I would prefer buying a registrar protection.

domain name without hosting

Now, in GoDaddy, you can get a domain name (.com extension, we are talking about here) for about $7 but you have to pay extra for the registrar protection.

But then I am not a GoDaddy user, so I am not really familiar with them.

Have you got a domain name without hosting, and if yes Namecheap or GoDaddy?

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