Don’t Rely On Google Entirely as Your Traffic Source

Why You Should Not Rely On Google As Traffic Source

I’m sure you have noticed a lot of Google’s Algo changes (people often called it, Google Panda Update) in the last few months back, especially on October 14th.

A lot of bloggers who had goals on earning extra money from their hard work of blogging were and are still suffered from their website’s blog traffic, and this result being disappointed on their dropped earning too.

As most of us know, you can also make money online by blogging.

Over these hard period of time, I am also sure that apart of trying to recover from Google Panda Update, most of webmasters, diagnosing and also learning something valuable from this bitter experience, what are they?

Actually quite simple, I have known it for months, but I ignored it, “do not rely on Google 100% for your traffic sources” make your traffic sources different, other than offering quality content in your blog.

Remember, we have Yahoo, Bing and Social Media as traffic sources. (related: submit blog to yahoo, get your blog indexed by Bing, and blog submission to

This of course, you can now more focus on social media traffic, such as Facebook, Twitter, or other bookmarking sites, like Digg’s traffic, or Stumble Upon. (not to forget Reddit! you will wonder how powerful this site can bring traffic to your blog).

If you rely on Google traffic entirely – what you should do

Even though it is very true, that Search Engine traffic is the best way without cost any penny on getting visitors to your website or blog, but rely on Google traffic entirely is very risky, because the whole thing is likely changed already.

As you also have noticed that algorithm updates of Search Engines like Google happened too often lately, and perhaps also in the future time, because of this fact, we can’t predict anything but only doing what we are doing until now, which is improving our site’s content, as most SEO expert said.

rely on google

It appears that those big Search Engines are focusing on their visitors’s satisfaction on their search result, and of course your content’s originality.

The important point, it seems that now, Google does only “love” helpful websites which are mostly have helpful and trustworthy information of a website. (Although, I saw duplicate content is still on the page 1, hopefully it will also be updated very soon!)

For the safest way, it’s no doubt for long term SEO strategy, we must offer informations in our websites with “human visitors” priority, and not for search engines bots..

A content that is worthwile to be in the first page of Google or other Search Engines, so that your visitors will find it “useful” and they will automatically promote our page link too.

Link building is one of the old trick if you still rely on Google traffic

Google seems to focus on outbound links in our pages, I mean, are they trustworthy? Although inbound links continues to be an important factor, but this has changed slightly, as outbound links are becoming important factors too.

Other than on page SEO, the off page has also changed recently, as Google seems to devalue some link bulding methods, so you will need to diverse your link building strategies.

I personally noticed that the same links from the same websites appears to be devalued by big G, therefore, to get many links from many different sites, or forums can improve your “trustworthy” value in Google’s eyes.

As almost all of SEO expert will remind you, or I often mentioned, build your links naturally, avoid blast your site with thousand links a day (mostly done with link building softwares) because you risk your blog to be flagged by Google for spamming, and because of this method, most sites are suffering from ranking drops, especially if your blog is a new site.

Conclusion if you want to have steady traffic, don’t rely on Google traffic entirely, try other strategies and method, although it is very hard as it requires a lot of time for you to use your computer!

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