Edit Index Label Menu -WordPress 3

How to edit the label of  “Home” menu with another words, without editing functions.php.

I have posted two videos, how to change your home or welcome “page” using Twenty Ten and how to rename “Home” tab by editing functions.php

I have also received an email a few days ago from one of my readers that he had a problem to change the text “Home” menu tab to something else because of an error.

This error was caused by editing functions.php incorrectly. Functions.php is known to be a “sensitive” theme file in WordPress.

We can actually fix it in our cPanel or webserver, but for WordPress beginner fellows, this case is scary, and can make them panic.

So i today i found another way to rename home wording in twenty ten home menu tab on the top navigation bar.

This tutorial will not use functions.php file, but directly in Custom Menu option which is available in WordPress 3.0.1 or 3+.

Result image:
change home page wording result

Video Tutorial:

Here are the steps:

1. In dashboard page, go to Appearance → Menus (see image).

Appearance → Menus

2. Create a custom menu by typing a menu name in “Menu Name” input box. In this tutorial i use “My menu tab”. Click “Save Menu” button. (see image)

home label twenty ten menu name tab

Type in Menu Name → Create Menu.

3. Next, in the left sidebar, there is “Pages” Menu option, very important: click “View All” tab.

Here, you should see the “Home” page is listed.
Add some or all pages that you want to display on your site, by ticking the pages name or hit “select all” button, and click “Add to Menu” button.

change twenty ten home label

Pages → View All → select/Select All → Add to Menu.

4. You should see the lists of your pages under your newly custom menu, which is called, “My menu tab”. Arrange the page order as you like, see my wordpress 3 drop down menu and wordpress change home page posts for reference to create a drop down menu and a welcome static page.

wordpress twenty ten home menu

The list of the pages (step 3) should be displayed under your custom menu.

5. Next, focus on “Home” tab, click the down arrow in the corner (see image below) and edit:

Navigation Label: The wording you want to have, in this tutorial, i use: www.blog.web6.org.
Title Attribute: Any text you like, but usually short description, i use: Free wordpress tutorial. This word will show when visitors hover the tab.

When you’re ready, click “Save Menu”. See image.

edit home label wordpress

Change: Navigation Label and Title Attribute.

5. Last step: the first list under Custom menu title, there is “Theme Locations” choose our new custom menu (My menu tab) in pull down menu as the primary navigation. Click “Save”.

primary navigation for wordpress

Primary Navigation → drop down → choose your custom menu, Save.

Refresh your blog, you should see the change of your menu bar.

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