Edit post page link in wordpress theme [WordPress 3.0.4 Tutorial]

Edit post page in wordpress theme — Not every templates support it.

I actually have saved a few video wordpress tutorial but haven’t wrote post for them.

Simply because i am now running many blogs, and i have less time as before.

It also depends on my mood, sometimes i don’t have any mood at all, but today i will share a video tutorial and guide how to display edit post page link in your theme.

As this paragraph’s title says, not every themes have this link, however i found this link is very very helpful, when you check your blog posts or pages, and want to edit them, you don’t have to search the post title in order to find it.

Just go to the post page and click “Edit” and you are brought to your admin page and ready to modify or update the article.

In my experience, because i switched three times my theme, first, i use my own, and it was a bit crappy..it has more than hundreds w3c validation error codes, so i changed.

Then i did use Neoclassical theme, it was a nice, but then i decide to switch to Thesis since i bought it.

From those templates, only Thesis has Edit post page link, others do not.

If you are using Twenty Ten, you will have it too, so no need to follow this tutorial..

How to display Edit post page in wordpress video

The references that can help you following the edit post page steps and the video:

1. Neoclassical theme. You can download for free.

The creator of Neoclassical theme is Chris Pearson, also Thesis theme’s creator.

I use modified Neoclassical theme for months, and since i bought Thesis, i switch my theme. (related: Reasons why i change theme to Thesis)

2. WordPress reference guide, edit link codex page.

This page will help you modifying the wording, and any other parameters of this edit post page link tutorial.

Things to remember, this edit post page is only displayed when you are logged in as Admin, other than Admin role, this edit link is hidden.

Edit post page video:

Step by step guide to add edit post page link in your template

In this tutorial, i am using Neoclassical theme. It should be applied to any themes which have single.php file.

If you want to display on the page, then you would need to add the code in page.php, and in index.php files for having the link in home page.

1. In the admin dashboard, find “Appearance” and then “Editor”.

2. Then, search for single.php, open, and look for this code:

<p>Posted <em>by</em> <?php the_author();?> </p>

Paste the code before </p>:
<?php edit_post_link();?>

See this picture where the code should be pasted:

edit post page
where the code should be pasted.

3. Update file, and reload your browser.

You should see the result, there is a wording under the title, which says, “Edit This”.

You can modify that text, in this demo, i use [Edit] wording.

To achieve it, in the step (2) above, instead of:
<?php edit_post_link();?>

you can modify to:
<?php edit_post_link('[Edit]');?>

See the screenshots of the difference results between those two line of codes:

””]edit post page

That was the end of the tutorial. Actually most of themes have this feature, but i reckon there are still lots of people using Neoclassical theme and other themes, i hope this edit post page link is going to be helpful.

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  1. cascd says

    Hi Kimi, thanks for this. But i haven’t upgrade to 3.0.4 yet. quit busy this day. ;p
    Anyway, i already used elegant themes on my blog after read your previous post.. thanks so much. Like your blog. :)