Error try again YouTube comment error reply

I got error try again YouTube comment error message yesterday.

Not so long ago, i have said in one of my posts, that i am recently use alot of videos embedding from YouTube, the biggest video sharing website on the Internet for my wordpress video tutorials.

Just like everything else, like YouTube user’s interface has been updated in more advance look. Honestly i like the old interface more, though i almost forget how it looked, since i am using YouTube with its new interface more than the old one.

There are some cool features of new YouTube, including iframe embedding code. See more on my tutorial, wordpress add video to post.

However perhaps some of you notice one small bug, which is the tiny short error message, error try again YouTube comment.

How did i get this error try again YouTube comment message.

When i checked my inbox in gmail, i notice someone leave a comment on one of my post, which is wordpress 3.0 set featured image video.

This commenter actually complained why there is no tutorial to guide to create website with wordpress.

I guess it was funny, because i am sure there are lots of tutorial for it, i even create some of those tutorials which are seperated in many posts.

I intended to reply his comment, but i was surprised by red bold font labeled, error try again YouTube message.

So i thought, the site was down or something, i decided to try “tomorrow”.

I checked everyday, and tried to do the same thing, that error message still appear.

error try again youtube

The error message.

Error try again YouTube comment — Solution if you want to reply in YouTube comment.

This error try again YouTube comment error is actually easy to get rid of.

Never thought about this, but i guess it is because YouTube does not want to have lots of spammers links. (my post about, get rid of spam bots comments in wordpress).

The solution: DO NOT put any links in your comment, and it will be working great, and error try again YouTube tiny error will be gone.

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  1. Bilal Ahmad says

    Yes youtube don’t allow any one to post live links in comment. As this prevent spammers.

  2. MikeP65 says

    Huh I am getting this error with ZERO links/urls in my comment … I guess there is something more to this error besides links.

  3. Tom says

    No links in my comment. Still got error message.
    Successfully left one other comment today.
    What is going on??????????????

    • Martinv says

      Hello. I also started to have this issue, all a sudden, not long ago,in YouTube,I had started to get this “Error try again” comment error reply.and just to check if now this error problem was gone, i try again to see if now i can..comment reply, also with no links in my comment. i still get the “Error try again”.

      Hope YouTube, fix this Bad Bug soon.

  4. Steakface says

    Having this issue all of a sudden, and I have not been trying to post links. I saw a thread about this problem from last April and they said it was a known issue, but how is it possible for me to still be having this problem now?

  5. George says

    The solutiom mention by the writer is NOT the solution for everyone. 90% of the people that reply to videos do NOT put links in their comments. Another solution is needed.

  6. Michael says

    Indeed, this is not the answer every time. 90% of the time that I try to leave a comment, it gives me this message. It can’t happen this consistently to be something like “the site is currently having abnormal problems.” I never use links or any symbols. Only numbers, letters and punctuation, but I still get nothing

  7. Nathillien says

    Had the same problem for daaaaaaaaaaays.
    Then I changed my location to Worldwide (in the bottom of any page) – and the comment went through.
    I changed back to my previous location just to be sure and it gave me the error. Went again back to Worldwide and it works. WTF???

  8. Cory says

    I just had this problem. I tried commenting on other videos, and then other videos from the same channel. I could comment on anything but that one video. Then when I tried to figure out what was wrong, a lot of people were saying that YouTube tried to prevent spam by stopping comments including URLs. So I looked at the comment I was trying to post. There weren’t any URLs. But I did say “Sub4Sub”. So, I tried a bunch of renditions of it; i.e., “Sub 4 Sub”, “Sub-4-Sub”, etc. The comment still wasn’t going through. I finally removed that part of my comment, and voila!, comment posted.

    It’s annoying because I was talking about Sub4Subbing, not actually doing it. God, I hate it when spammers actually limit what I can say in a comment. It feels vaguely like censorship.

  9. says

    I wanted to put a comment in with my website

    I tried a lot of things and learned that…

    1. you cant have www followed by a space or a dot
    So I could not put www
    or www eqi dot org

    But you can have


    and you can have

    You can also have bad words like f*ck, c*nt etc :)

    Crazy and f*cking annoying eh?

    Try it yourself and email me please to let me know…

    eqimail at

  10. says

    Ive been playing around more and tried the sub4sub thing…

    It didnt work on mine either…

    I tried

    sub4su and thats ok

    but sub4sub isnt

    i tried subforsub NO
    but subfoursub YES

    go figure

    they are obviously checking certain unwanted strings of characters

    my question is why dont they just list the forbidden strings so we dont have to waste our time????!!!!

    • anonymous says

      Its because youtube is owned by google who is totally contradicting their “bait and switch” motto “do no evil” and they are censoring comments. I’m stuck now trying to post a legitimate comment which is getting this error. There’s something in this 4 sentence comment and can’t figure out what it is… very annoying that they get away with this crap.

  11. Adam says

    I just had that error with the string “”. I took out the “” then it was fine. I wish the error message was at least “invalid characters” or something that remotely tells you what the problem is. I am so surprised at the lack of quality from such a big company. That’s just lazy, sloppy programming, period.

  12. Jabu says

    My error message was fixed, thanks. I just got rid of a link and I could now leave a comment successfully. Thanks, from Italy!

  13. Mike says

    I find that just swearing at youtube at the end of your message for blocking your comment usually works.

    PS: Does anyone get the irony of that checkbox down there? Oh lord.

  14. Yoshi says

    I found that if I had $$$ in my post it would say… error. try again. I removed the $$$ and replaced with the word dollars and the comment posted fine. I concur that this is indeed sloppy programming and very poor support on Googles part.

    Thank god for this website otherwise I’d still be waiting for a fix from google with no idea what was going on!!

  15. Kaveh says

    Yet a another hint here :

    I had the same problem because the symbol ” ” because I was replying to someone. I don’t know if it is because both ” > ” and ” < " were there.

  16. Kaveh says

    OK, I am posting again because the symbol got stripped by the blog in my previous post.


    The symbol is Less than (<).

  17. John Reid says

    apparently, the comments cop is a lot more strict
    than before — i tried to be cute by putting spaces
    between my letters (as in L E T T E R S) and i got
    the infamous error try again message, but after
    i put the letters together (as in LETTERS), it
    was immediately posted. go figure. (use plain

  18. Jenny says

    I write in plain text but when I try to post a comment on YouTube, it doesn’t say “Error, try again”. When I write my post in the little text box thingy, and I submit it, and it says “Error adding comment”. This has been going on for several days, ever since you had to re-install YouTube onto you’re iPod Touch/iPhone. I really need help and I’m always open to any suggestions! :’)

  19. says

    What it more than likely is related to, is when you have just made a number of comments in a short time frame(even different or same channel) Google/YouTube, are seeing this as Spam commenting, or as an effort to build links……though, possibly overdoing it….

    If you’re comments are spread out(time wise) it should be okay…

    Proof: The last two occasions I left multiple comments in a row, I then got shown a Catchpa to fill in….

    Yet, when I drop a comment here and there with a large time space in between there is no problem….

    Try it out! Make a few comments….then have a break and make some more later in the day….