Error try again YouTube comment error reply

I got error try again YouTube comment error message yesterday.

Not so long ago, i have said in one of my posts, that i am recently use alot of videos embedding from YouTube, the biggest video sharing website on the Internet for my wordpress video tutorials.

Just like everything else, like YouTube user’s interface has been updated in more advance look. Honestly i like the old interface more, though i almost forget how it looked, since i am using YouTube with its new interface more than the old one.

There are some cool features of new YouTube, including iframe embedding code. See more on my tutorial, wordpress add video to post.

However perhaps some of you notice one small bug, which is the tiny short error message, error try again YouTube comment.

How did i get this error try again YouTube comment message.

When i checked my inbox in gmail, i notice someone leave a comment on one of my post, which is wordpress 3.0 set featured image video.

This commenter actually complained why there is no tutorial to guide to create website with wordpress.

I guess it was funny, because i am sure there are lots of tutorial for it, i even create some of those tutorials which are seperated in many posts.

I intended to reply his comment, but i was surprised by red bold font labeled, error try again YouTube message.

So i thought, the site was down or something, i decided to try “tomorrow”.

I checked everyday, and tried to do the same thing, that error message still appear.

error try again youtube

The error message.

Error try again YouTube comment — Solution if you want to reply in YouTube comment.

This error try again YouTube comment error is actually easy to get rid of.

Never thought about this, but i guess it is because YouTube does not want to have lots of spammers links. (my post about, get rid of spam bots comments in wordpress).

The solution: DO NOT put any links in your comment, and it will be working great, and error try again YouTube tiny error will be gone.

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