Exploring WordPress 4.1 Beta 1 Development Version

I thought WordPress 4.1 won’t have dramatic new features compared to the 4.0 version, which is already posted here, however, the new Distraction Free Writing appearance or update is very interesting, and of course the new default theme, which is called Twenty Fifteen. You can check out some of my tutorials about the previous theme, Twenty Fourteen.

I can never be tired enough to recommend you installing beta or development version of WP in your local server of your computers.

These two videos will help you using Mac and Windows to install beta versions:

1. http://www.blog.web6.org/steps-to-install-wordpress-on-windows-8-and-wamp-2-4/

2. http://www.blog.web6.org/install-wordpress-mavericks-os-x-2014/

4 New features already seen in WP 4.1 Beta 1

You might be interested to read the official announcement here.

1. The new default theme after Twenty Fourteen, which is called, Twenty Fifteen.

My impression about this theme is, it’s cleaner, and more elegant.

Twenty Fifteen theme, default theme of WordPress 4.1

Twenty Fifteen theme.

2. Option to install language pack after installation in your admin area.

Install Language WP 4.1 option

Install Language WP 4.1 option

In the current version (WP 4.1) the language will be installed when you choose the language before the installation process, and you cannot install another language once it’s installed.

This will be enabled if your server allows it, and if not, you can manually upload it to your webserver.

3. The new “Distraction Free Writing” appearance.

Seen on WP 4.1 Beta 1 - New Distraction Free Writing

WP 4.1 Beta 1 – New Distraction Free Writing

To be honest this is the most interesting new feature, because in the previous versions, I honestly don’t like or never use this button, because it’s not comfortable to use.

In the coming version, it won’t bring you anywhere, and you can just stay in your post editor and it will be active or deactivated with the movement of your keyboard key or mouse.

Whenever the button is activated, whenever you are typing, or press any keys in your keyboard, you won’t see other options in the right sidebar of your admin area and the left admin menubar will be disappeared too, unless you hover your mouse out of the post editor box.

This feature can be enabled and disabled by clicking the “Distraction Free Writing” icon or button.

4. The ability of editing the format style of your uploaded image.

New editor of uploaded image, new icons

New editor of uploaded image

In the previous version, you will only be able to “Edit” and “Remove” image. In the beta 1 WP 4.1 version, you will see “Aligns” toolbar, “Remove Ailignment”, “Edit” and “Remove” image.

Leave your comments about this development version and share about your opinion below this post if you like to.

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