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Export Bookmarks Firefox 4 and Import Bookmarks are handy

I recently replaced my old laptop with a new one, and I thought this morning, to write this export bookmarks Firefox 4 article, since I was so thankful that I could do this.

Yes, I am one of those non-savvy computer users, so any new informations or new computer knowledge is something that I really appreciate.

As I did fresh install of the Operating System, since all notebooks which are sold in German electronic shops have OS that have only German language, so I did install the Operating System in a language which I understand better (technically) which is English.

So after the new setup, everything was new, and so was the Firefox browser, which is Firefox version 4.

Honestly, in my other PC, I updated my older Firefox alwas whenever the recent upgrade is available, but I still did not install the Firefox 4, which is the current version if you download its application from Mozilla website.

Export Bookmarks Firefox 4 — Exporting and Importing in the old vs new Firefox

When I did backup, which uses the older Firefox version, it was done pretty quick, and easily with more easy and straightforward interface.

I always wonder how Firefox version 4 would look like, although I already guessed from my Firefox 4 prerelease article, that it would look almost similar to Opera browser, especially with the “tabs”.

Now I have it installed in my new notebook, and what I guessed was not wrong, it pretty much looks like the Opera browser, in my opinion.

And the backup, including export bookmarks Firefox 4 steps, although it is also easy, however I was confused too at the beginning of the fresh installed FF, because of its new interface..FF 4 looks great though!

Export Bookmarks Firefox 4 — Import Bookmarks Firefox 4 Tutorials

So here are the steps how I did import and export bookmarks Firefox 4.

1. In the old Firefox (or in the original FF where you want to do backup), you go to the menu bar, where the “File”, “Edit”, etc tabs are, and choose “Bookmarks”.

When you click the “Bookmarks” tab, you will see, “Show All Bookmarks” or Ctrl + Shift + B for the shortcuts.

export bookmarks firefox 4

The "Show All Bookmarks" option.

2. A Library Window will be opened, and you will see the above tab, which is labelled, “Import and Backup”, and it has a drop-down menu.

3. Click “Import and Backup”, and you will have 4 options which are, “Backup”, “Restore”, “Import HTML” and “Export HTML”. Choose “Export HTML” since we want to import all the bookmarks in a .html file.

export bookmarks firefox 4

The "Export HTML" option.

4. Save it somewhere, I prefer in an external Hard Disk, because of the safety.

Now, we will restore or import bookmarks Firefox 4

1. Open your new Firefox, in my case, I opened new installed FF. In the fresh installed FF, you won’t see the menu bar, but you will see a tab labelled “Firefox” in orange color. See this image below:

export bookmarks firefox 4

The new installed Firefox 4

2. Click the “Firefox” orange button, and navigate to and click “Bookmarks”, because in the very-new installed FF, you won’t see “Show All Bookmarks” option.

3. After clicking the “Bookmarks” button, you will see the same Library windows as shown earlier above, and now, you can choose “Import HTML”.

Navigate to the bookmarks.html file (the default name) where you saved it earlier, and click import.

4. Now you should see the notification to restart your browser, and by doing so, we have successfully did export bookmarks Firefox 4.

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