Export WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin

Backing up WordPress database is important and can be done under 5 minutes.

Today I want to show you how we can export WordPress database using phpMyAdmin easily and quickly, that we will need to do, everytime we want to change crucial WP files or database itself.

Although I also use wp-db-backup plugin to send the database backup regularly and automatically to my email address, I sometimes backing up my database quickly and manually with this method whenever I want to change something important.

Sometimes, we are very inpatient and tried to fix something, but instead of fixing, we can make our problems worse than before, this is why in the very last chance, you can fresh install your blog and restore your database, the importannce of backup WordPress database.

Backing up your WordPress database is the very first essential step what you have to do regularly in your blog, and but that’s not the only “back-up” step we need. In the video where I manually backing up the whole site, I actually showed that, any files you uploaded for verification stuff, the .htaccess, images and other files are other important files other than WP files are needed to be backup too.

Why backing up only database isn’t enough? This is because when you restore your database, the images aren’t restored, since they are saved somewhere else.

Those images are actually stored and kept in a folder inside your wp-content/uploads folder in your webhost.

How to Export WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin


1. If you have one database, you will not need to follow this first step, but if you have many, you should check your wp-config.php file to see the database name of the site you want to backup.

Which database in wp-config.php

Which database in wp-config.php

2. Then, go to cPanel home, look for “Databases” and click on phpMyAdmin icon.

phpMyadmin icon under "Databases"

phpMyadmin icon under “Databases”

3. You’ll see the list of your databases, or your database’s tables if you have one, just go to “Databases” tab, and you’ll see the list of you database, choose and click the one we checked on step 1 above.

Database name on "Databases" tab

Database name on “Databases” tab

4. Once clicked, you’ll see all the tables, make sure you’re on the right database name (you can see it on the top), beneath the tables, click on “Check all” link, and in the drop down menu, select, “Export“.

export WordPress database using phpMyAdmin

Make sure you’re on the right database name

5. Then you will see this page, leave all as is, but make sure “SQL” format is selected, and click “Go” button.

Exporting WordPress database using phpMyAdmin with quick method

Exporting WordPress database using phpMyAdmin with quick method

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If you do export WordPress database using phpMyAdmin, don’t forget to backup wp-content folder too, because this folder contains your images that already uploaded.

I already did a fresh installation of this blog many times and restore all including videos. I was sweating for the first time!.

One thing to note, if you install many WordPress blogs with many database, there are cases where you forget which database belongs to associated blog, if you find this issue, you can check the wp-config.php file inside the associated blog, and there you will see the database name.

Backup WordPress database is very easy and quick, have you done it?

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