Facebook find friends by email how to add friends on new facebook

Facebook find friends by email nice feature of facebook.

If you are a wordpress blogger, i am sure you are familiar with facebook.

It has so many features, including facebook find friends by email option that i am still learning, especially on the new facebook.

Some features of facebook, is how you can add mp3 to facebook, how to unfriend on facebook, facebook api key, and so much more..

After i wrote that new facebook profile sucks, today in the morning, I was so happy that I successfully added one of my family members with facebook find friends by email option.

But it was not an easy process, because of the changes on the new options and layout.

I have not seen this person for a long time, since we move to Europe, i can say almost 8-10 years, can’t really tell exactly how long.

Facebook is really great social media website that you can use to see and find your school friends or childhood friends by their email addresses.

Facebook find friends by email giving you ability to find them easily if you know how. We will talk about it in this post.

Facebook find friends by email old vs new facebook.

Using Facebook find friends by email feature on the old facebook profile was extremely easy and fast to be done to use to reconnect with your long lost friend or family members.

In the old layout, Facebook find friends by email could be done by clicking “Find Friends” option above on the right top of your facebook account page.

Of course you have to be logged in. Or you can type the name of your friends on the search box, however i personally do not like this method, because it will end to get 10000 list of people who have the same names with the person who we are actually looking for.

Facebook find friends by email on the new profile, when you click “Find friends” tab, it will bring you to a page where you can connect to your email account from email services which are available, such as, aol, yahoo, gmail etc.

And then below those email lists are list of people that you possibly know and want to add. (see screenshot below).

facebook find friends by emails

When you click "Find Friends" Tab on the new Facebook.

Facebook find friends by email tutorial.

There are many ways to find your friends by using facebook find friends by email feature, i found it was very easy in the old profile, but in the new profile, everything is changed, but also not difficult.

1. Logged in to your facebook account.

2. Once you are in, on the top in the search box, just type in the email address and hit enter.

facebook find friends by email

Type in your friend's email address.

You should see the person who has this email address.

Here is the tricky thing that can happen, based on my own experience and story:

I have a member of family who is living in Asia, we communicate frequently via mobile phone. A few days ago, i asked her to join Facebook, and she did.

She gave me then, her email address which she used to sign up on Facebook.

I then looked at her account immediately. But it did not work, the result was completely wrong, that i don’t expect.

Solution and fix: I have tried the same method above, in the next day, and i found her.

So i guess if you want to use facebook find friends by email feature, wait until at least 24 hours, i guess Facebook needs time to update its database which is very understandable.

Don’t forget to use this facebook find friends by email feature to connect with your friends online!

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