Facebook How To Unfriend

How to unfriend someone on Facebook.

There are many reasons why you want to unfriend people of your Facebook account.

Nowadays, looking for Facebook friends is not difficult, you can even pay for that! Spend about 5 bucks and hundreds new friends will be added. Simple huh!

But that’s not the case, thing is, are they really friends that you need? I guess not. At the end, you will get annoyed by some wall posts which are not relevant to you, and want to remove them as your friends.

For some of you who have been “unfriend” -ed by others, don’t worry, it is not that you have done something wrong, ugly, or anything, it’s just not about you most of the times.

If they don’t want to keep you as friends, you can find another easily.

So if you want to unfriend someone of Facebook, go to their profile page, and in the bottom of left sidebar, there is a link which says, “Remove from Friends”.

Unfriend Link.

Click that link and you just “unfriend” someone on Facebook.

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