Facebook Import Blog RSS Not Working

Using Notes Settings to import blog RSS is no longer working on Facebook.

I have tried to import blog RSS feed to facebook about ten times via notes settings and it does not work.

I always get the error message: “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.” after clicking “confirm” message.

At first i have thought there was something missing, but i do some google researches, and it looks like other people have the same error problems.

Very sad though, importing blog RSS feed can be useful for social media in business community or other personal facebook account.

The error message i got.

Solutions? Use twitterfeed or RSS Graffiti to import your blog feed, it works fine.

And about this Facebook bug, I hope this will really be fixed as soon as Facebook can since Facebook is one big social media that most people use on Internet.

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  1. says

    Twitterfeed is good but I prefer RSS Graffiti for all the additional bells and whistles. That type of error says that the Notes issue should most likely be temporary. You know how facebook is, they like to break the toys every so often just to see if anyone is paying attention!! LOL

    • says

      If you choose some whistles and all those stuffs LOL.

      I hope it is temporary, but this problem looks like already existing for a long time (some people complained in the thread about a year ago) :(

      • says

        On my high traffic facebook page (almost 1k fans) I bring in my feed the first time with NetworkedBlogs application and the second time … with creative use of RSSGraffiti’s “delay” setting, delayed by two weeks, my blog posts AGAIN – so that it draws traffic to my older posts. I cant do that on my slower pages, but on a high traffic page that delay is awesome. I love a lot of the tools that come with RSS Graffiti and one day will probably get away from inporting with NetworkedBlogs except that I will stay in their registry because quite a few of the Tribe Syndication community use that as a feed reader.

  2. Suresh Khanal says

    I was also awarded same error message a couple of days ago. Tried several times but failed. I left it bewildered. Again after one or two days when I entered feed url, it pulled everything. It happens. I hope you’ll be able now if you try.

    • says

      Hey Harsh,

      I am quite happy with twitterfeed until now, it works fine and well, once i found something unpleasant with it, i will try RSS Graffiti app.

      Thanks for the great input!

  3. says

    Hi Kimi,

    I don’t no much on facebook I have just started to find some nuts and blots.

    Though I was able to add my rss of my blog, but had face the similar problem. Then I use NetworkedBlog app. it is working find now, but i am presently running with some other problem. And trying to find the solutions.


  4. Keith says

    How long does it take for the blog to show up on your fan page?
    I also got that error and set up with both twitterfeed and rssgraffiti. Both said they were working, but I dont see either on my actual facebook page!

    • says

      Hey Keith,

      The result will be right away after you post new articles. That happened to me.

      But lately I could not do so many things with Facebook as well.


  5. Keith says

    How long does it take to show up on the facebook page?
    I also had the same error. I tried twiterfed and rssgraffiti and while both said they worked, I saw neither on my facebook.


  6. says

    Hi kimi ,
    Notes is no longer working the way it
    should and I’v tried the Networkedblogs
    tool to solve this gap.

    Networkedblogs is a great tool but it
    draws my facebook fans away instead of directing
    them to my own blog.

    I have since tried out “RSS Graffiti”which direct all readers back to your designated facebook page or blog.

    Create New Publishing Plan -> Add New Source-> Add New Target -> Done!
    see 9 steps below

    Hope it works for you too.

    See how my blog http://www.sgwarehousesale.blogspot.com
    works with my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/sgwarehousesale