Facebook tag your friends

The idea of facebook tag your friends.

For Facebook users, facebook tag your friends idea is not a problem anymore.

But for facebook newbies, including me, it is really confusing, especially facebook has hundreds of features, one of example, add mp3 to your facebook, poking feature (my post about what does poke mean on facebook) and all those stuff.

Of course you can’t learn all of them all at once.

Facebook tag your friends- What is this thing about?

This facebook tag your friends actually you can find in many ways, for your page, wall, facebook post, or the funny one is on a picture. Some people use funny picture, like “the lazy one, the smart one, the tall one, etc.

Those stuff is called facebook tag your friends stuff. You tag your friends via image or picture.

This cool feature of Facebook enables fb users to share about anything or any persons they talk about, or refer to. If you don’t tag a person, you would not know who they are talking about.

One thing to remember, if you want to delete your account, you should clean your tagged picture too.

If you wonder how safe is facebook, even you don’t have account there anymore, and if your picture is tagged, your picture will remain.

Facebook tag your friends- How to tutorial.

If you want to tag your friends, on the wall, or a page, you just type “@” sign key of your keyboard, it will be automatically followed with your friends name list. Look for the person’s name, and you’re done.

But if you want to tag a person in a image of picture, here is how:

1. First of all, you need to be inside your facebook account.

2. After uploading a picture or image, you will see in the right bottom under the image, lists of menu that you can do with your image.

Under the text, “From your album” you will see, “share”, “tag this photo”, and many more.

facebook tag your friends

Tag This Photo

3. Click “tag this photo” link, and you will be notified with this message, “click on people’s faces in the photo to tag them”.

Although it says about “faces”, we can actually tag anything, text, funny images, funny pictures, just click wherever you want to tag someone, it will show square thing with white border and in the left bar, you will find, “type any name or tag, or choose a person” text.

It will be followed with your friends’s name list. (see image).

facebook tag your friends

Selecting a person to tag.

4. If you want to tag your friends, look for the name, and tick the box, then click “tag” and hit “done tagging” button in the top right above the image.

I hope this facebook tag your friends how to helps a bit, if you are facebook newbie like me!

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