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Facebook video calling – Video Chat in Facebook

After getting a new look, Facebook has another new feature, which is called Facebook video calling, to allow FB users to do video chat either to one person or in a group.

I haven’t tried with the group video chat, but I have tried doing Facebook video calling to one person, and I think it is a great feature.

This video chatting feature on Facebook is supported by Skype. You will actually see Facebook + Skype sign in a dialog box while doing Facebook video calling, and start to render your friend’s video.

How about if you don’t have a webcam? This question I have also asked myself, since in my main desktop, I don’t put any webcams, and I used this desktop more often than other computers so I wanted to know.

If you don’t have a webcam like myself on my one computer, you still can do this video chat to someone who has a webcam, but this person will only be able to hear your voice, just like in Skype exactly.

The very first step of Facebook video calling

I am using Facebook daily to connect with friends and family, and by using it frequently, I noticed a small change in my FB account.

facebook video calling

Try Facebook Video Calling button

There was a right sidebar in the right part of my screen which says more and less like this:
A faster way to message

Just click to start a conversation with friends you message the most.

Learn More.

Try it Now.

At first, I was kind of surprised, but I ignored this message, until today, I was very curious and clicked the “Try it now” button.

It will then display all your friends lists, and surprisingly, it will turn on “chat availability” because I actually set myself to “invisible” but click that button will show everyone that I am available to chat.

If you want to go “offline” you can tick off the “Available to chat” in the right bottom of the screen (while clicking the “wheel” setting icon).


If you want to be invisible

How to enable Facebook video calling to do video chat?

These are the steps to enable your Facebook video calling:

1. We should be logged in to our account page.

2. Once you are logged in, you can click this following link, or easily type this in your web browser


There will be “Get started” green button, just click, and it will show you a dialog box, saying, “Who do you want to call? select an available friend”

Get Started button

"Who do you want to call?"

3. You can then select one of your friends on the right sidebar, just click on their name.

4. A dialog box will show up, saying “Give xxxx a call. To talk with xxx face to face, click the video call button”. This means, just click the Facebook video call button on that box.

"Video calling" icon

5. It will display a set up dialog box, and when you click “Set up” you will have to download a “Facebook video calling plugin” which can be used in Firefox or Chrome browser (two browsers that I have tried).

6. After downloading and installing that plugin, you will be able to do video chat in Facebook with Skype.

Enjoy this new feature, Facebook video calling!

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