Facebook your account must be verified | Can’t create an app

Facebook your account must be verified — Very Annoying!

The last weeks, I have been a little frustated because I got this Facebook your account must be verified thing whenever I tried to access FB developers page to create app or accessing Facebook API key.

In the past, I barely can remember when the last time I visited FB developers page, but I still remember correctly it was so very easy to visit that page, and I did not find any single bugs on FB like this Facebook your account must be verified error thing.

As far as I can remember, creating an application was extremely simple, following the self-explanatory steps, and took about a few minutes to be done, which is really nice, and functionable.

Facebook your account must be verified is not the only FB bugs

Some few bugs I notice happened sometimes in FB. Like when I wanted to import my blog RSS to FB and that importing blog RSS doesn’t work on Facebook.

Thankfully, there are some solution alternatives you can use, but of course, that is a bug which I hope it will be fixed anytime soon.

Another one, is while viewing some images or photos of your friends or family in FB, sometimes I got some message, like “there is an error occured..” and it suddenly stopped working while viewing photos.

Facebook your account must be verified – I finally got it fixed

As I wrote above, I wanted to create an app, I was confused by that your account must be verified error message. Here is the screenshot. But at that day, the message was not this clear, it was like HTML code but the message content is still the same, however I did not took the screenshot.

This is the screenshot (clean version) which I get, and it is very easy to get it fixed, because you can click the link.

your account must be verified

The cleaner error message, last weeks, it wasn't clickable, and just bunch of codes.

The previous errors have been displayed terribly without any links to click or a pop up, so I could not do anything except of deciding to wait for a few days or weeks.

So after a few days waiting and hoping one day it will be fixed from alone, just as same as facebook importing RSS not working issue which was also fixed from alone (FB bugs), I have checked my account everyday, and it still did not work.

This morning I checked again, and I finally saw the clickable error message like in the screenshot above. Then, immediately I verify me account with my cellphone number (who knows it will be error again in a few days later, none knows with FB not working properly sometimes).

Once I was verified, I access facebook developers page, and create an app. Oh I was so happy that I finally got it working after a few days frustated waiting not sure what I had to do.

Sometimes waiting is really helping and I am glad I could get rid of this Facebook your account must be verified error message.

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