Fantastico Uninstall WordPress [How To]

Fantastico uninstall wordpress easy to follow how to tutorial.

How you can delete wordpress installation if you installed it with fantastico.

In my earlier post about wordpress auto install using fantastico, it is really known that fantastico wordpress installation is the fastest way to get your blog set up.

However there is one thing to note, that if you want to delete wordpress which was set up via fantastico, you should remove it with fantastico as well.

I personally installed this blog for the first time with fantastico, and when i restored it, i did install it manually. See my post about Installing WordPress (3+) manually.

One thing i don’t like about installing with fantastico is, it gives you default database name like _wprd or something similar (i forgot).

I want my own custom database name which is also hard to guess. One way to secure your wordpress blog. This is the reasons why i write this fantastico uninstall wordpress post, if some of you might need it.

Fantastico uninstall wordpress note:

Who knows in the future you want to have your site back, you can fill the old database again, so it is a good idea if you do a database backup in wordpress.

If your site is new, then you don’t need to do this. You can directly follow fantastico uninstall wordpress steps below.

Fantastico uninstall wordpress steps:

1. In your cPanel, look where “fantastico delux” icon. It is a little cute smily white face.

2. Click on that icon, you should be landed on fantastico homepage.

3. In the right sidebar, you see, many softwares list, like B2Evolution, Nucleus, and the last WordPress, click it. (see image)

fantastico uninstall wordpress

WordPress link in Fantastico Home.

4. You should see your site domain name where you have wordpress installed.

There are two links, edit and remove. Click “Remove”. (see image below).

If you are sure, click "Remove" button.

You will be asked if you want to remove it, just read it again, and if you are sure, click “OK”.

All done, that was easy guide for fantastico uninstall wordpress.

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