Fantastico WordPress Security – Fantastico Installed Blogs Being Hacked?

Fantastico WordPress Security — I installed this blog with fantastico too!

As the title said, I installed this blog one year ago, using Fantastico delux.. but there is more about this, please read this fantastico wordpress security further..

Last year, I have made a video tutorial how to autoinstall wordpress using Fantastico deluxe, and honestly, that’s how I did install this blog for the first time too.

Everyone knows and probably they are also recommended before starting a blog, they should install it with Fantastico..But here in this article, I am going to share my opinion about this.

This autoinstall method is actually the most easiest and fastest method to get a blog set up, as it is often called as, “WordPress 5-Minutes install”..This is true!

I absolutely agree that getting a blog set up this way is very quick and stress-free. I guess that’s why I did do it too, and I am sure, most of wordpress newbies as well.

But how about fantastico wordpress security?

Fantastico WordPress Security — Blog’s security worried me

After a few months blogging regularly, socializing myself on forums, or other blogs, I have learnt and heard about security of wordpress blogs which are installed with Fantastico.

I did not believe about fantastico wordpress security problems, because at that time, I set up using Fantastico, and my blog is still up, none hacked..

But then, after I installed another blog in the same server, and that time, I did set it up manually using this how to install wordpress 3 post, I have noticed some differences and started to worry about fantastico wordpress security.

The big difference about fantastico wordpress security and the manually installed blog is, I have checked how my SQL database name and username built. The manual install is more “under my control” and the one with fantastico is “automatically” generated.

Since then whenever I heard about a wordpress blog is being hacked, I was worried, because my database username and database name are easy to guess.

This story was however ended when I had to re-install my blog using this backup and restore wordpress post.

I had to restore my blog because I had a doubt with fantastico wordpress security, and I did not want to have Fantastico default database name as well as its username.

Fantastico WordPress Security — I prefer setting up wordpress manually

Apart of the reason above, I always install a blog manually until today. Here are my reasons why I always install wordpress manually without using Fantastico delux.

1. I don’t want to have easy-to-guess database name and database username. Fantastico will give you database name like ; yourname_wrdp1 and username is is the same, yourname_wrdp1. Probably it would be no problem for some people, but having this for my blog makes me worried each day, especially when my traffic was increased.

fantastico wordpress security

The "wrdp" database name and username

2. When I used this autoinstall, I have noticed, the version of wordpress was not yet updated by Fantastico, this means, It was not the latest version which was installed, but one version older, so I had to update in my dashboard after the blog was set up.

fantastico wordpress security

Wordpress version in Fantastico

Apart of my reasons above, I have seen people who installed their blogs with Fantastico was hacked. See in this forum thread.

I suggest everyone who want to set up a blog, to set it up manually because of this Fantastico wordpress security doubt.

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