Fast Secure Contact Form Contact Page Plugin

Fast Secure Contact Form — One of Contact Page Plugins

Fast Secure Contact Form is a wordpress plugin, that is one of many plugins to create a contact page in wordpress that is very popular, and I personally use myself.

After install your wordpress blog, (related: Install wordpress 3.1) you would want to do stuff here and there, including creating a contact page for your website, create a new or updating “About Me” page in your blog.

Because I also have a html website (add .html wordpress), actually, belongs to me hubby, and this website is created as a static website, not using wordpress, it was pretty “complicated” to add a contact page without a php file.

I know, that you can actually embed a html contact form that are available out there, however, if you use wordpress, it is extremely easy to make your own contact page using a plugin.

Though it would be really nice, if, in the future, wordpress will include a contact page out of the box, as it includes Akismet after it is installed.

I personally, delete my “Hello Dolly” plugin right after I installed my blog. I don’t know if you still keep it, but I don’t find it is a necessary plugin to have. (related: What to do after installing wordpress).

Fast Secure Contact Form vs Contact Form 7 Plugin

If you use wordpress, I am sure you are also familiar with Contact Form 7, or probably you even have this plugin installed.

I personally have this Contact Form 7 Plugin in one of my blogs, and also have worked with it in my client’s site.

Because I am using Fast Secure Contact form plugin in this blog and my other blogs, I have my own opinion about Fast Secure Contact Form vs Contact Form 7 plugin.

After being familiar with those two plugins for about one year or one year and a half, I think, Fast Secure Contact Form plugin is better, although Contact Form 7 is amazing too.

But if I had to choose one of them, I would rather have Fast Secure Contact Form.

My reason is, because Contact Form 7 requires another plugin to display captcha, but Fast Secure Contact Form does not require us to install extra captcha plugin if we want it to display captcha in our contact page.

This is one of the reason why I choose Fast Secure Contact Form. It is also very easy to use.

However, if you want a file uploading option with a very easy to customize and modify, Contact Form 7 has this alternative.

Fast Secure Contact Form Contact Page Demo

As written in the above paragraph, I am using this plugin in this blog. If you want, you can visit my contact page to see the demo of this plugin usage.

It is actually a simple page, where people can send me message or anything and then I will receive the message through the email I gave to this plugin’s setting.

fast secure contact form
My contact page uses this plugin


By default, this plugin will have the email address as same as the email in your profile page. (related: Change email address wordpress).

Another great thing about this plugin, is, the developer seems to update this plugin greatly, whenever there is an update with wordpress version.

Fast Secure Contact Form is my contact page plugin.

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  1. dan says

    Hi, Kim
    Thank you for your nice and useful web site; it helps me a lot.
    Would you be so kind and explain me how to get rid of “Comments or questions are welcome” text and *(denotes required field)

    I try to change text in Welcome introduction form 1, but with out success. Then I shorten text – no success.
    I reinstall plugin – no succes
    For the *(denotes required field) I even can’t find the field.

    Thank you for your time!

    • says

      Hi Dan,

      To get rid of “Comments or questions are welcome” text, you can change this option:

      contact setting

      To change the *(denotes required field) you can tick off this setting:

      contact setting 1

      If you have done all of them and still no change, you probably use Cache plugin? If yes, clean your cache, and it should work.

      Let me know if it helps.


    • says

      That’s weird Dan, I guess it somehow conflicts with your installed plugins..

      What I would do is, copy your entire blog in your local machine, and then install the same plugins, and try to do that again. If it still happens, then disable plugin one by one to see if it will work.