Faster Admin User Interface WordPress 3.3 Beta 3

Faster Admin User Interface in WP beta 3

There are actually many reasons why our wordpress can run very slow, especially wordpress admin page, whenever you logged in to your dashboard.

When a self-hosted blog loads slower, the first thing that you should check is your own webhosting server.

I have tried many webhosting providers, and not to mention which host is slow to run wordpress, but there are actually speed difference between one host to another.

Surely, there are also many things that can cause it, for instance getting huge traffic, downloaded files, or your template code, etc.

To get faster admin in wordpress dashboard can be achieved by many ways, apart of choosing the right host.

The most important is updating your wordpress version, because the developers have been very busy fixing bugs including speed and other things that happened with previous wordpress versions.

Although, always recommended to test newest version in your local system first, to see compatibility with your current installed plugins, upgrading wordpress is important.

This happens the same with the plugins you are using, best is to update them too, because of compatibility issue and the plugin’s coding performance.

In my older article, wordpress 3.1 admin slow problem, disabling admin bar was a little help, but the speed did not increase significantly.

Thankfully, wp 3.3 which is planned to be released this month, seems to have faster admin user interface.

Faster Admin User Interface in wp 3.3 beta 3 test and Screenshots

These days, I guess since yesterday, whenever you are seeing your dashboard, you might notice the announcement of wordoress 3.3 beta 3 version which is available to download and install.

Download wp 3.3 beta 3 here from directly.

I luckily had a chance to update my testing version from beta 2 to beta 3, and I was like, “wow”, the faster admin interface is surprisingly impressive.

This one is really fast, and very responsive.

There are some things that are missing from admin top bar, however, the overall interface performance is likely going to be a huge improvement from the older version.

Here is the screenshot of wp 3.3 beta 3:

faster admin

From the screenshot above, it is not too different with the older version..only a few changes, but the faster admin page is noticable.

Faster admin and a few changes in beta 3

After looking at the newest updated interface, I noticed two big changes so far..

1. Firstly, the Add New drop down menu still does not include, “Add Plugin”..

I hope they will include it in the real version though, because I really love this shortcut button since it is very handy and I don’t need to look at my left sidebar to add new plugin, or theme.

2. Second big change is the help button and screen options are now coming back in this beta version, unlike the previous beta versions, this time, the help button looks the same like in the current real version, which 3.2.1.

If you want to test how I am having faster admin in this beta version, as usual, I strongly recommend to install wordpress offline to test it, and not on your “real” blog.

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