Feedburner Subscriber Feedcount WordPress

How to display or show how many Google feedburner subscribers or rss feed readers in your wordpress blog.

Feeds are becoming popular nowadays to send out your blog’s updates. For some of you who want to show how many subscribers you have or display feedburner subscriber counts in your blog, this can be easily done but copying the code from feedburner to your text widget in wordpress.

To do this, you must already have a feedburner account and your rss feed already set up. If you haven’t, check out my other video on how to burnt it or customize it or even to set up your rss based on categories you have.

The number will display randomly, sometimes up and sometimes down. Don’t be surprised about this.

I also wrote an article about how to optimize your rss with feedburner in ezinearticles a few months ago.

I hope this going to be a small useful tip.

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