Find Out Who Subscribe To Your Blog

Let’s find out who subscribes to your blog.

How to find out who sign up to our subscription box or subscriber of our wordpress blog.

As you know, there are many wordpress RSS feed delivery websites out there, and they all have many different features. I only use feedburner, but some of you might use feedblitzt. This tutorial will apply to your blog or any websites which is set up in Feedburner.

I chose to set up my rss feed with feedburner because it has easy interface and user friendly. If you are new in blogging world, it is easy to customize and navigate. It also has lots of cool features, such as, feedcount counter, email subscription code, and many more.

Today we are going to find out people who subscribe to our blog.

It is not difficult once you already set up your wordpress in a feedburner account if you haven’t done it, check more in this video, so this time i decided not to make any videos, but will post visual tutorial with images.

Steps how i found out who subscribe to my blog:

1. Login to your feedburner account, in

2. Click your feed title. In my case, i have many feed categories, so i have many feed titles, If you have many too, choose one feed that you want to discover.

3. Next step is click “Publize” tab.

4.Once “publicize” button is clicked, you will see lists of services that feedburner provide in the left of sidebar, like Headline Animator, BuzzBoost, and click “Email Subscriptions”.

5. Scroll down, almost in the bottom of your screen you will find how many people are subscribing to your blog. In my case, it shows, “Total Subscribers” Click “View Subscriber Details”.

6. You should see how many people who subscribe and the list of email addresses .

Finding out who subscribe to our blogs is handy, because it enables us to know who our readers are, and with this, you can try to improve your blog’s content.

I hope this tutorial will help you how to find out who subscribe to your blog feed.

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