Find Shared Folders VirtualBox Lion OS and Windows 8

Shared Folders VirtualBox – with Lion OSX and Windows 8

After installing Windows 8 on a Mac Lion OS X system a few days ago, I wanted to access some files that I have on my Mac.

I have been using VMWare a long time ago on my Windows Vista operated desktop, and i find it was easy to have a shared folder.

With Parallel Desktop was also easy to have it, but in VirtualBox, because I am relatively new with it, it’s kind of complicated.

After a long search on Google, forums, and so many resources, I finally could get my Shared Folders VirtualBox on Lion detected in Windows 8.

I have read the manual about finding Shared Folders VirtualBox manual, but it didn’t help me much :/

Find Shared Folders VirtualBox Lion OS and Windows 8 Video

How I Find Shared Folders VirtualBox Lion OS and Windows 8

Before we start it, I assume you have your VirtualBox is running, and in this demo, I am using “Windows 8” as the system.

1. First step is to create a shared folder in your computer.

In this demo, I created one in my desktop. It’s bad example actually, I recommend to create this folder somewhere else, but not in the desktop.

I name this folder as, “MySharingFolder”.

To test everything, I also created a .txt file containing dummy texts inside.

2. After creating a folder that you want to share later, next is to go back to your VirtualBox window, while the “Windows 8” system is running, navigate to the top bar, and find “Devices” and then in drop down menu, select, “Shared Folders..” option.

shared folders virtualbox

shared folders virtualbox

3. In the “Shared Folders” dialog box, Click “Plus” on the right , and this will show “Add Share” dialog box”, here, for the “Folder Path:” choose, “Other” (see screenshot below)

shared folder

And for the “Folder Name” navigate to your folder that you created on step (1) above.

In this demo, I navigated to my Desktop, and choose, “MySharingFolder” folder.

Click, “OK”.

4. Next, we have to install Guest Addition, by navigating to “Devices” again on the top, and select, “Install Guest Additions”, this will install a Guest Addition inside Windows 8. You have to be fast in Windows 8 system, and click the installation notification.

The file is called, “VBoxWindowsAdditions.exe”.

shared folder virtualbox

shared folders mac
5. Run the installation as usual, and once you’re done with installation, reboot your machine, and after rebooting, open Windows Explorer.

6. In the Windows Explorer window, go to “Network” click the arrow icon, and you should see the “VBOXSVR” network, and click the arrow again, you should see your sharing folder.

shared folder virtualbox windows 8

That’s how I found my Shared Folders VirtualBox Lion OS and Windows 8.

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