Firebug bottom bar disappeared – How to bring the icon back

Firebug bottom bar disappeared in my new Firefox

In many of my tutorials, either in video tutorials or articles, I have always used Firebug addon to edit some files, especially css style of my wordpress blogs. (related: edit wordpress css file).

Until lately, actually last week, when I wanted to edit a file, I did not see my Firebug bottom bar or icon which is usually found in the right corner of my Firefox (or often called as FF) browser.

I am currently using FF version 5.0, actually after updated from the previous version, my Firebug buttom bar is disappeared, and I was late to notice it, since I haven’t needed this favorite addon.

I always recommend this addon to my readers especially those who want to learn a bit of editing wordpress files.

Some of my newest videos that use Firebug addons are listed below:

1. Twenty Eleven Logo tutorial

2. Twenty Eleven resizing header image

3. Twenty Eleven removing search form

4. Continue reading Twenty Eleven

5. Removing white space of Twenty Eleven

Those are some of my videos that I always use this addon in it, although if you take a look at my sitemap page, for wordpress videos, mostly using it as well.

Almost forget to mention here, if you don’t know which version of FF you are running, you can find it by clicking “Help” in menu bar on the top, and select “About Firefox”.

It will show the version of the current version you are using. It seems easy but I have never looked into it earlier, so I have to mention it in this Firebug bottom bar disappeared post.

Firebug bottom bar disappeared – The icon is found in the top right

In above paragraph, I have mentioned, there isn’t Firebug icon in my lower right of Firefox corner.

Actually the icon is not gone entirely, because you can find it in the top right of your browser, next to your search box.

However, to use it, I am so get used to the lower icon, so I did not really like clicking that icon in the top menu bar.

I have also noticed that YSlow is not merged with this addon anymore, only pagespeed is still merged there. (related post: measure blog speed).

YSlow is also important, but to me, I need Firebug more so I really had to bring back this Firebug bottom bar which is still missing.

In fact, when you click the icon on the top, you will see many drop down menu to enable or disable this addon, but I could not find the option to bring back the icon to the lower right of my FF browser bottom.

Firebug bottom bar disappeared – How I did bring the icon back

The first idea which came into my mind was of course, resetting Firefox and Firebug (often called as “FB”) settings or options, but this did not work..

Although you can always use the top FB icon, but to some people like myself, that’s just not practical.

Also another alternative is using the “F12” key to open your FB, but I still want to use the lower icon of FB

Here are the steps how I did bring the Firebug icon back:

1. Open Firefox, and type “about:config” in address bar.

firebug bottom bar

Type "about:config"

It will warn you with some message that generally says, you have to be careful with it, read it, and then click “I’ll be careful, I Promise!” button.

2. You will see so many configuration lines, so you can type “” in the filter box. (see image below)

firebug bottom bar

Look for "extensions.firebug.showStatusIcon" and set it to "true"

3. After that filter search, look for a line which says, “extensions.firebug.showStatusIcon”. You will find the value to be “false”, this is why, our icon is not in the lower corner, so we have to change this value to be true.

4. To change this value to be true, you can double click the line, and it will changed to “true” automatically, and bring back the Firebug bottom bar which was missing or disappeared.

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