Firefox 4 Prerelease – Download

Download pre release of Firefox 4 and when is the release date of Firefox 4?

I have used Internet Explorer (ie) for years, it was because i was not so interested with web development as much as now. I could not even install windows, terrible i know. Until last year, i started to learn  css, php and stuff like that, so  i switched to firefox. Because this favorite Internet browser has great addon for web developers, especially if you want to edit wordpress theme codes.

It was incredible experience, noticing the difference. At first, i was not used to it, it was so odd to use firefox. But after a few months using it, i really love it. It is my best internet browser that i am using until today.

I am using version 3.6.8 at the moment, and the latest version of firefox, version 4 should be released around october and november this year, can’t wait for it!

There will be huge development in version 4, especially the look. See more in the video demo here.

The new look of version 4 looks like Google chrome, especially with the new tabs feature, and also a bit look like safari, and opera. (as shown in the below screenshots).

Tabs on firefox 4 demo.

Preference of Firefox 4.

The pre-released is available to download, but only for trying purpose only, it is stated in the Firefox download page.

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