Fix Blackberry Trackball

How to fix blackberry curve trackball if you have blackberry problems such as your trackball stucks or does not want to scroll or click.

The problem was caused by some dirt which glued under the trackball, almost similar to old computer mouse in some years ago.

I have been using blackberry since last year, great stuff but suddenly i got problems with trackball on blackberry.

When i wanted to move the ball to one directions, it was suddenly stucked, and it was really annoying.

To solve this problem, i have been looking around and found this video tip that really helps. Note, when you do this to fix your trackball on blackberry, you do it on your own risk. This fixing method works for me.

Some notes:
1. I used toenail clippers not the screw as in the video shown, to remove the trackball rings out.
2. There will be two rings, you will have to be extra careful. Clean the ball with alcohols but clean it carefully.
3. Put the trackball in it’s place, but watch out that you don’t add another dust from outside to this ring hole.

That’s how i fix trackball on my blackberry, good luck if you have the same problem :)

Some useful stuff:

Complete Kit to repair and fix Blackberry Trackball or replace the dirty ones with this kit that is compatible with Rim AT&T Tmobile Sprint Verizon Cell Phone Smart Phone Blackberry Pearl 8100 8130 Curve 8300 8310 8320 8800 8820 8830

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