Fix WP-Admin blank screen in WordPress 3.3

WP-Admin blank screen all of sudden

A couple days ago, I encountered strange thing that happened with this blog suddenly.

I have never had any wp-admin blank screen problems before, so it was too weird to me.

Although in the past I have already encountered the wp-admin/post.php error problem, but not with wp-admin blank screen.

The problem with it was, I did not know what could cause it, so I could not even try to fix something.

What I was thinking firstly was my host. I thought, it has some small glitches which is very normal.

No host is perfect, and it is very possible they sometimes have some small problems on their servers.

Because of this, I tried to ignored my wp admin page that night and went to bed with a hope, that it will be fixed in the next morning.

Weird things comes with WP-admin blank screen problem

Next problems that I have noticed was, wp-admin blank screen problem is still there, however these are some following things that make it all weird.

1. My blog front-end still works as usual.

This said, only when I typed, it shows a blank screen without any error message, whatsoever.

Only blank white screen, and plain empty. And if you visit the website,, it was still accessable as it had no problem at all.

I have also checked the category, post, or tag pages, because I thought it will also show error, but it was still there, works perfectly.

2. Even when front-end blog works perfectly as usual, I hardly could do anything in the backend.

Since I had only a white screen in wp-admin page, so logically, I could not login in when I typed, (related: can’t access wp-admin)

So I logged in with the wp-login.php, and this works fine, I was able to land on my dashboard.

But then on the dashboard, I could not do anything. I could create a post, but could not preview it, and when I hit “save” it will bring me to another blank screen, although my post were saved safely.

Another issue, I could not deactivate or activate plugins, because whenever I press any buttons, the white screen will appear.

3. The third weird thing was, I could upload my images as usual, and works well.(related: image problem: missing temporary folder)

But even if I did upload my images as usual but could not save my post in a normal way, plus I could not preview my articles, I immediately thought, I had to do something..

That was very annoying so I decided on fixing this problem.

wp-admin blank screen

wp-admin blank screen - without any error message, plain white.

This is how I fixed my wp-admin blank screen

Since I decided on trying to fixing my problems first, before contacting my host, I have thought about many ways.

The very first step was I disabling one by one of my plugins list, and see if this wp-admin blank screen still exists.

Sadly, after doing this, it did not change anything.

Then I surely suspected my host, so I went to check my another website, which is hosted in the same server, which is

Oddly, that site works well, back end and front end, so from here, I know that it was not my host.

I also recommend when you host more than a site in a webserver, whenever you have problems with one of your blogs, you should check your other sites that hosted in the same webserver to see if whether the host is the cause.

After I know it wasn’t my host, I have tried to remember what I have done before this problem happened.

I am a bit forgetful, but I still remembered, I remove one line of code in my header.php. (this is my theme,  header.php).

wp-admin blank screen

After removing that empty line, it works.

Then I immediately logged in to my cPanel, and accessing my themes folder, then checking my header.php.

Here, I clean the blank line of this file, and I saved it again.

Then I tried my wp-admin, and my wordpress wp-admin blank screen problem was thankfully solved, all works as I wanted.

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