Flytouch 3 Review

Flytouch 3 Review – Flytouch 3 Superpad 2 Andorid 2.2 10″ Tablet with GPS HDMI

I purchased Flytouch 3 last month, after shopping around, waited until the Xoom was released with its incredibly high price tag, and also looked at the Galaxy tab and iPads.

I love gadgets, from Microsoft device, Apple computer, Droid phone, you name it. Flytouch 3 is not iPad, Xoom or any of those units, it is just entirely something else. When I read people expect or compare this Flytouch 3 with an iPad or Xoom, I guess they should know what they’re comparing.

Since I own an Android phone, I find this Flytouch 3 works just as described. I really like Android platform because I can customize my device without Apple possesion.

I could easily transfer my phone apps to this tablet and I can have all of my phone functionaility on a tablet. Using a tablet to play Angry Birds is really nice as you will be able to play in a more wide of a screen.

flytouch 3

The Flytouch 3 Superpad 2.

I have tried the wireless option, and it worked fast with my 802.11B. With this connectivity, I was able to download other apps, and YouTube videos works and loads pretty quick.

The Flytouch 3 can connect you to internet anywhere you go too as long as you have a cellphone which can be a wifi spot.

It includes 2 USB port, and HDMI port (out) which is great, because you can connect usb keyboard or hard drive and USB sticks to transfer files from your computer to your tablet. And the HDMI out port will allow you to watch movies in your HDTV.

This tablet is definitely not perfect, there is no multi-touch, it is something you need to get used to if you have a multi-touch phone, but to me, it was not a deal-breaker.

Also, the touch screen isn’t perfect, but I found the setting that made the screen performance runs better. Here is what I did to get a better touchscreen on this Flytouch 3 Superpad 2 Andorid 2.2 10″ Tablet with GPS HDMI. When you turn this tablet on, you will firstly see the main display which has the weather and clock icons and menu button at the top right. Tap that menu button and it will come up to the bar options at the bottom. Tap the “Settings” button and scroll down until you find “Calibration”, tap it and read the intsructions.

This tablet is also having the same issue as on droid smartphone, it has limited original browser. I would suggest to download skyfire browser if you get it. It works great.

Although it comes with antenna for the GPS function, you will have to hook the external antenna up to get the signal, and I have tried it, the GPS works great, but, why would I use that large antenna with its long cable to navigate?

The weather setting is in China, so when I turn this tablet on, it tells me about Chinese weather, and it needs a minute or two until it remembers my location setting.

It comes with the function of a nice PDA and an e-reader. You can read your ebooks with amazon kindle app, and do nearly everything you would do on a desktop from pdf, word, powerpoint, spreadsheets, even graphics and videos once you learn the Android operating system.

Furthermore, the most important is the SD card slot and the long battery life. I can get it about 5-6 hours which is really comparable to any laptops.

And the SD card slot, you will definitely NEED it to expand the memory because Flytouch 3 has only 512MB RAM (it is a low memory) to take pictures or download them.

Flytouch 3 Review – Specs


  1. Color: Black
  2. Operating system: Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  3. Processor: 1GHz InfoTM X220 ARM11
  4. Memory: 512MB DDR3 SDRAM
  5. Display: 10.2” inch LCD screen
  6. Hard drive: 4GB (expandable to 32GB)
  7. BUilt-in 1.3MP webcam/video camera
  8. Networking & wireless options: LAN: 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet; Wireless LAN 802.11b/g
  9. Ports: 2x USB 2.0; 1x HDMI; 1x RJ45; 1x Micro SD slot; Microphone-in, headphone-out
  10. Size: 269.91 x 170.45 x 14.99 mm
  11. Extra Features: 1x stylus, Vibration, Accelerometer, GPS, Flash support

flytouch 3

Flytouch 3 Review – In Summary

Bottom line, Flytouch 3 is not any of those “cool” tablets. If really want a cool thing, save your money and spend about 2-3 times to get an iPad or Xoom, otherwise if you look for a cheap tablet but great than this is an alternative.

It is definitely not one of screaming fast desktops, but it’s a very good unit to surf the internet, read e-book or online newspaper, watch a movie alone in your room, the Flytouch 3 will meet your expectations, especially for the affordable price.

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