Forward Delete Key on Wireless Keyboard Mac 2012

On one of my blog pages, which is, switching from PC to Mac, I already mentioned that I need a quite while to get used the wireless keyboard which came with an iMac.

This includes the keys which are placed in the keyboard, and the big annoyance which I found recently is the “forward delete” key.

I am so used to my old forward delete key on my Windows desktop, and this slows down my productivity while writings, because this key is often used.

But then again, this function is actually there, it’s just how we do it is very different.

I was thinking to purchase the full size mac keyboard, but in European amazon, they are not wireless, can’t seem to find the wireless keyboard which has the separate extra forward delete key on a mac.

Where is the forward delete key on wireless keyboard mac?

There isn’t. BUT you can use your function (Fn) key, so hold down your Fn key and backslash key to do forward delete.

Here is the key combinations screenshot.

forward delete key wireless keyboard mac

Forward delete key wireless keyboard mac

If you are like myself, switching from PC to mac, you will need to do this to get your forward delete key active.

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