Forward Twitter to Facebook Using App and Feedburner Tutorial

Forward twitter to Facebook automatically

This month, I have been checking my blog’s Facebook account more often than before.

I was quite surprise about the amount of friends that I have in that account, as I really had 0 efforts to promote this account or this page.

Since noticing there are quite decent friends on FB (Facebook) I was thinking about forward twitter to Facebook wall as I have already done, the automatic posting to Twitter using Feedburner.

So basically, when I create a new post, after it is also posted or promoted in Twitter automatically with the steps above, this post will then go to FB automatically too, quite handy.

It might be quite late to start this social media promotion for me, because I really don’t have time for it, but I guess better a little late than never try at all.

If you are like me, a blogger who does not much time for Social Media, I definitely recommend manual posting, but if you don’t have that much spare time, you can try this automatically posting.

Forward twitter to facebook is very simple and easy

To forward twitter to facebook of your account, as in Twitter help page, it can be done very easily inside your twitter account.

Here is actually the simple steps:

1. If you are logged in your account, you can click your account name (with the small avatar in the top right).

2. Select “Settings” in the drop down menu, and this will bring you to your account’s settings.

2. Select “Profile” tab above, and scroll down, until you see, “Post Your Tweets To Facebook” as shown in the following screenshot.

forward twitter to facebook
Twitter - Profile- Post your tweets to Facebook button

3. Follow the instruction to allow the “request for permission” dialog box, and you are done.

This is the result in and

But this is actually not the only way and the purpose I write this post.

The thing is, some days ago, honestly, I did not see the Post Your Tweets To Facebook button in my’s profile.

I really looked for it many times, as I accidentally didn’t see it, but that day, the button was not there, I don’t know why, could be a bug or something…

And if this happens to you and you still want to forward Twitter to Facebook, there is another way by using a FB app, which is already very popular, called, Selective Twitter app.

Forward twitter to Facebook Using an app and feedburner

Usually, when we use Selective Twitter, we must manually add the shortcode, which is “#fb” in the end of our tweets, so that that tweet can be posted in our FB.

However, I have tried to use this shortcode inside my feedburner account, and this works.

Which means, you really don’t need to type #fb manually everytime you tweet or in this case, our feedburner tweets.

We want all automatic..

Video Tutorial


1. Login to your facebook, and install Selective Twitter app

twitter to facebook
Selective Twitter app

2. Then login to your Google feedburner account. Look which feeds you want to post to and, and click the feed.

connect twitter to facebook
Adding #fb

3. After you clicked the feed link, you will see “Publicize” tab on the top, click on that.

4. Follow this “automatically tweet blog posts“.

5. Type #fb in the box, which is labelled “Additional text add”, and then in the drop down menu, select, “end of the post”. Click “Save”.

6. From now on, whenever you are publishing new post, and the feed is updating, it will first, tweet that post automatically to Twitter, and then to Facebook.

I don’t recommend this Forward Twitter to Facebook tutorial, if you have “Post Your Tweets To Facebook” button in Twitter’s profile.

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