“Free 3 Column WordPress Themes” List

Where and How to find the good and free 3 column wordpress themes that compatible with wordpress 3+.

There are thousands of themes out there, and i personally love 3 column wordpress themes, because it’s easier to paste advertisement code in the second sidebar, while we still can use the first sidebar for our widgets.

I recommend that you always install a theme from your wordpress’s dashboard, because if you choose a free theme from a website to download, you must choose carefully, because they are mostly having encrypted “bad” links in the footers. Unless these sites are popular and have a good reputations.

Do you know, there is a theme that you can switch having 1, 2, 3 sidebars easily by a mouse click! So example one day you want to have 2 sidebars, you can go to the theme options and change it without adding some confusing codes. (see image below).

3 column wordpress theme
1/2/3 Sidebars or Colums → Left/Right sidebar options.

This theme is called Thesis, also chosen as the best SEO WordPress theme. See video tour on Thesis theme.

Here is how you can find free 3 column wordpress 3 themes; ( I use wordpress 3.0.1 version in this demo).
1. Admin dashboard, go to Appearance and Themes.

Appearance and Themes buttons.

2. Click “Install Themes” big button above the screen.

"Install Themes" tab.

3. Then in “Feature Filter” page, you will see many many choices of themes that you would like. In this case, we want to find 3 column, so tick “Three Columns” (as shown in the image).

3 Column option to filter the themes.

4. Click “Find themes” you will see lots of them. Choose the most favourite one :)

However when i choose wordpress theme, i also would check is it XHTML valid wordpress themes? is it SEO optimized?

My favorite 3 column wordpress theme is Neoclassical theme (this blog used it, but i switched to Thesis).

Original Neoclassical before I modified.
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    • says

      Hi Mr. Idnaw,

      I always recommend people to download “FREE” wordpress themes inside the dashboard.
      So in this post, the link to download is inside the dashboard after the searches.