Free Services


Thank you for visiting this page. Eventhough i am providing free video wordpress tutorials on building your wordpress blog, i still want to offer this service if you need it.

Free Blog Set Up.

I will offer you a free installation of a WordPress blog set up complete the way i did build this blog. NOTE: This offer will apply for those who will use HostGator only.

BONUS: get Thesis theme which values 87$ for FREE!

I have a license for it, and you will receive updated files whenever Thesis has updates, if you need it.

Why do i do it for you for free?.

I am working with the most reliable and affordable webhost that i personally use and recommend.

If you use another webhost, this service is not available. Once you signed up with HostGator, contact me complete with the domain name, so we can start it.

Having questions? Feel free to contact me.

If you have any questions or need a blog (or additional blog) to set up, i will reply you in 24 hours latest. Thanks.

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