Free Thesis 1.8 Skins WordPress

Free Thesis 1.8 skins- WordPress 3.0.1 compatible that are available for you to download.

Every bloggers know about Thesis WordPress theme. It is not only Search Engine Optimized, but it is incredible easy to customise even if we are non-techie.

Because a lot of people use Thesis, there are free and premium skins you can download and apply to your Thesis theme.

However free Thesis skins are rare to find and download because it is something special.

Before you download these skins, you need Thesis theme first.

I have done some Google searches, and will list free Thesis skins you can download.

1. Minimal from
Clean skin from, the official website of Thesis theme.

Minimalis Website.

2. Reputation Thesis Skin.
Great skin for business sites, as it has clean layout.

Reputation Thesis Skin

3. Straight Shooter.
It has nice customized meta data in index page, like continue reading links, comments links, and category links.

Straight Shooter Skin.

4. Thesis Bold.
Very creative skin that you can use for WordPress Blog as CMS.

Thesis Bold.

5. Kubrick Skin.
One of the amazing theme, to some of you who miss kubrick WordPress theme this is the right skin for you.

Kubrick Thesis skin.

6.Fresh Company.
As the title states, this skin is a worthy if you have wordpress blog as a business site.

Fresh Company skin.

7. Thesis sharp skin.
This skin has variety of colors you can choose.

Thesis sharp skin.

8. Simple Life.
It is a simple skin, and it has a glowing gradient layout.

Simple Life skin.

9. Exhibit skin.
One of my favourite, and if you are into Photo gallery or Photography blog, this skin is the right one. It has jquery slideshow, and big images display.

Exhibit skin.

10. Words skin.

Clean skin, it has mostly black background menu color, and red active tab.

Words skin.

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